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5 Perks of Being an RA

If you should be acquainted with on-campus housing at universities, you may possibly have heard about an RA. To some its a resident advisor, others call it a re...

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Becoming a Resident Assistant: Responsibilities, Benefits & Challenges

Becoming a Resident Assistant in College RAs will be the centerpiece of this residence hall experience, and it’s the most satisfying jobs you can have th...

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10 Reasons To Become A Resident Assistant

With the Spring semester quickly approaching (if you don't starting for a few), numerous schools are beginning to begin the process of hiring new resident assis...

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Resident Assistant Application Essay

Show More 1) Interest in Position Explain why you are looking at the RA position and exactly what abilities you possess that make you an excellent prospect th...

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RA essay--Purpose of RA position and responsibilites

RA essay--Purpose of RA place and responsibilites EssayForum Unanswered [3] / Urgent [0] / SERVICES ericao2010 12 / 32 Jan 4, 2012 no. 1 Hello! I'm...

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Resident Assistant Application Essay

1913 WordsJan 14, 20138 Pages 1) curiosity about PositionExplain why you are interested in the RA position and just what skills you own that make you good ca...

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