Youth sports Essay

Taking part in a sport at an early age can be very helpful to the growth process during a child’s youth. Whether the sport is through some sort of organized team or just getting together with friends and playing, the lessons learned from this can help teach kids and provide a positive message to them as they develop into an adult. The real controversy here is youth sports is a gateway to a healthy and well balanced lifestyle. Parents don’t see the whole picture of the benefits of youth sports they just see if there not good enough what’s the point that even though they might think it’s waste full and if they can’t play in college then why are they wasting there time and money on a new pair of cleats or new gloves and summer camps to help them put in reality they aren't good enough, well that’s why I am here there is numerous benefits for children participating in sports some that help in their youth age or even later in their life when they are in the same sticky situation on to decide if they should let their kid go out for the football team. After researching several topics of the benefits of participating in youth sports I have narrowed them down to Leadership and communication skills, developing self esteem and learning sportsmanship and explaining why this is a

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valuable trait to inherent, I also will be discussing the social aspects that come along with youth sports. Another one is many opportunities in life that may act as a job when your older rather than just a saturday thing, which is going professional or earning a scholarship to college. Many opportunities are within sports and children should be taking advantage of these opportunities anyway they can get.

Many people believe that sports is just another way to get out of the house and being active. But in reality there is so many benefits along the way such as leadership and communication skills, though this may be obvious, teamwork is one of the basic skills sports can teach children. Teamwork helps motivate them to reach their ultimate goal which is to work as a team to eventually lead them to triumph. This also involves the trust of tasks, which is what great adult leaders do everyday so why not practice now. Teamwork is a valuable skill that kids carry with them well into childhood. In a team sport, the players know that the roles they play and their actions can bring down the whole team. After responsibility is learned they know how important it is not to skip practice or goof around at practice. Then knowing failing to do their part means the whole team gets affected. Once Grown up they soon realize sports is a privilege because school comes first and chores at home also. Something unforgettable and will benefit them their entire life. On an individual level, sports can give children self discipline and understanding. Self discipline from sports can teach kids what they need to practice, whether it’s perfecting a baseball batting stance or getting more practice on tackling in football. Sports brings different challenges to each one of the kids, but can also allow them to understand the challenge at hand, their contributions to the team and make improvements individually. Same is true in the workplace. Leaders are not perfect instead they work hard on improving and developing new skills. Fair play is the main rule in any sport. Teaching kids fair play through sports will show the negative effects it has. Cheating isn’t tolerated, instead sports encourage fair and good behavior to kids which are very recognised qualities in life. Sports teach us to respect people and businesses that are above us like courts, laws, our boss and our parents. Several studies have shown the correlation between between sports and participation and crime reduction.

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