"Your Name (2016)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

(Today I would say that) Match - dense interweaving of probability and the length of time the thread is passed through our lives, enveloping people's lives and tying them nodes, the strength of which depends on the willingness - to believe that material nature does not exist as there is no thread, which is impossible to break. (Why my definition has a shelf life?) View feature film or animated cartoon leaves on human memory footprint, as he was deeply affected by many factors (?): Personal interest, subject or actor's game, but does not exist in film history, where the absolute indifference the viewer is an advantage. Next - a key idea of ​​the meaning of = = concept, together they provide the soil in which grows the desire to think. Think about what is a "coincidence", "fate", "love" and "time." So, anime «Kimi no na wa.» - fertile ground for continued growth ideas
The center of the story of two characters -. Mizuho and Taki, exchange bodies which happens three times in a week while you sleep . The idea, for example, is not entirely new and fresh, but the behavior of the girl and the young man (at the time they do not live in my body) I was surprised and, of course, pleased. They, being in an unfamiliar place, trying to adjust to the changing conditions, and not to go against fate and every one of them is making efforts to improve the life of the person in whose body the moment he is to fill the empty cells that are needed to complete the puzzle. It is worth noting that the characters pretty soon get used to this kind of travel, and they have a desire to take a closer look, but awoke the following morning and returned to his own body, every time they forget each other's names. Besides Taki lives in Tokyo, and Mizuho in the province. Distance - this is not the only barrier, which will face the heroes before they can (whether) to meet in real life. Time loop. Death. Memory. And finally, a flying comet, - enemies against them in Taki and Mizuho have only one weapon - love
Strengths «Kimi no na wa.» -. Emotions. And I can hardly determine whose emotional power I patted a great loss: own or characters, as indeed many are exceptional scenes in the anime, for example, the first awakening of the same in the body of Mizuho after a visit to the cave, the conversation with the father-tyrant, comets fall city, pictures of deceased relatives, Taki message left on the palm of Mizuho, ​​and so on. Despite the sincere 'childishness' narrative, the anime has a solid character - another plus, when a problem of lack of a cafe that residents replace the machine with soda, worth a provincial way of life, familiarity with the traditions of everyday life and ancient legends, interesting contrast can be traced between the developed metropolis - Tokyo and a quiet provincial town. No less curious method that uses Makoto Shinkai, talking about the problems of adult children's language. Humor. He is a kind of magic ingredient that saves any salty with tears and bitter from the dish losses, I think, sustainable phrase 'laughter through tears' for «Kimi no na wa» should be changed to 'tears through laughter'. By the way, the animated story has echoes of the plot thin film «The Lake House» (2006), which is in my life played an important role once. And another parallel with another anime «Hotarubi no mori e» (2011), where the characters 'visited' the world to each other by a branch of the tree, there is a means for communication and memory is sewn rope worn on the hand Taki. Just I want to mention a terrific (my mind) the animation of natural scenery, sky, urban streets, some of them, by the way, copied from existing locations
Weaknesses «Kimi no na wa.» . - I was not enough stories of heroes of life to the point where there was a 'process' exchange bodies.
Thank A.
8 out of 10

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