"Your Name (2016)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

• What is so special about this film is that its ratings on all aggregators are going wild, and fees in movie theaters around the world hit record for the Japanese animation? Here we should say a little about the work of Makoto Cinco as a whole. His previous work - '5 Centimeters Per Second' and 'Garden of Words' were steep, very much so. But they were aimed at a narrow audience and needed a certain life experience and a certain mood for a proper emotional response. Your name perception at times easier and it's in its layering (Yes, just like the onion and Giants). In Kimi no Na wa everyone will find something to their liking. Someone will enjoy the beautiful graphics, someone will appreciate the romantic side, some comedy, someone touches the drama, and someone plaque mysticism and Japanese folklore.
• In general Your name is very competently uses contrasts. Drama and comedy, genre scenes and fantasy, traditional and modern Japan, male and female, earth and space. The very unity and struggle of opposites, which said at the time Hegel. I was surprised by how many opposing concepts are intertwined in this film. And very harmoniously intertwined. This intertwining is expressed and through the story visually. From all this, there is a paradox - your name at the same time simple and original. Simplicity is in everyday life, in the routine, reflected in the work. We learn in the characters, in their problems and in their environment themselves. It is important to create an emotional response. This is a very big part of building the world works, about which many people forget. The originality lies in the characters of the protagonists. They are bright and vivid, so good and well-ordered. They were fun to watch, they want to empathize. Both of the main characters has a unique charisma that leaves a very warm feelings after viewing.
• two-hour movie format allowed Shinkai build a story with well-defined structure and smooth manner of narration. He, more than anyone, understands the importance of the smooth development of the story being told, because only when the viewer has time to get used to the characters, and only then will be able to empathize with them and feel the full range of emotions. The plot Kimi no Na wa great: and logical exposition is present in history with plenty of comedic moments, allowing quickly to meet characters and get used to them; and the smooth development of the action with a truly unexpected plot twists, breathtaking; and several climactic episodes, causing a hurricane of emotions; and quiet spaces, the viewer is able to collect his thoughts and relax; and perfect ending, to answer all questions and provide emotional discharge. Even science fiction, which has always been considered the weak side of the director, the story fit into Kimi no Na wa properly. Two hours Shinkai can reveal more than most serials anime series together.
• Animation in Kimi no Na wa I can only describe as' One hundred and ten minutes of visual pleasure. " Amazing. Delicious. Incredible. In describing depiction Kimi no Na wa want to use only the most powerful and lofty epithets. Screenshots are not able to convey the beauty of the urban and rural landscapes, painted by artists CoMix Wave Films studio. The full majesty of affectation is revealed only in the dynamics. Artists surpassed themselves. As in all other studies Cinco in Kimi no Na wa a lot of attention paid to the skies, trains and limitless natural expanses. Conceived backgrounds is at the highest level, and pan in its scale and beauty from the first frame causing shivers all over my body. In addition, the tremendous amount of work has been done with light and shadow, which made it possible to give images of unprecedented depth and expressiveness. I am very sorry that I could not see this movie at the cinema.
• Your name is like any. The level of animation, music, colorful characters, interesting and moving story - there are all the elements of a great movie. For the majority of your name will be remembered as well-written and filmed the story, which is very unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. Fans dig deeper will find a number of philosophical and religious (refer to traditional Japanese beliefs) subtexts and metaphors.
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