"Your Name (2016)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

After Hayao Miyazaki's worth paying attention to the work of Makoto Sinkayya where the plot depth gradually increases, giving excellent work. It should switch to a specific graphics animation, because soon you will not at all worried. That is not the show with a bunch of seasons and the terrible voice acting, and full-length creation, even where the level of animation come to mind.
strong story that gives pleasant hints of familiar variations, but only does so in its own way, though a few mixes plots to a few times to surprise you and get through to the core. At first, our attention is the meeting of a boy and a girl, with the fleeting presence of an important element (as we learn later), and is followed by reception, which is familiar to all: change of bodies. This was unexpected in this way, because such techniques are often in comedies ( "Freaky Friday," "The Hot Chick", "Love-carrot", a series of "Gravity Falls"), but interest awakens characters reaction
It -. Girl from village. He - the guy from Tokyo. Different classes, different mentality, and now this incredible movement. Watch the reaction of the characters, with the reactions of others - great fun. At first, the confusion, but soon such movements are becoming more and more frequent. Unclear remains the element of time: the same time zone, but while one sleeps, the other lives his life. How is this possible? I had to guess, even without resorting to the "Inception" by Christopher Nolan, but the ending gives a dizzying turn, and you realize that this is a great course, a stunning finale, give already "Oscar" this anime.
What makes a man, once in the body of the girl in first? Right. Monitors changing body after shock reaction. What makes a girl? It is in hysterics, at a loss, but the bounds of decency are not staring at all. The emphasis on this skill attributes surrounding confusion. When the heroes find a way to communicate with each other, there comes a new transition story in the anime.
Funny details overshadowed, it takes changing each other's lives. Communicating with each other there is modern ways through phone notes (a funny parody of the "Apple's", the boys are not "apple" and "pear" clever Japanese do not want to pay money to America, so in the world of Makoto Sinkayya firm «Pear»). The boy in the body of the girl and the girl in a boy's body hit the surrounding new opportunities and present themselves to us in a new light.
Destiny both changing, this concern for a completely different person, whom you have never seen, and at the same time, it was enough to look in the mirror, identifying errors in the behavior of Man, smoothing timidity in closed girls - it's great narrative notes. Shock and confusion are gone, the question: "Why move happen to them?" Is no longer relevant. Humility and the ability to obtain advantages in such travel. Come to the fore a few details that had not rushed in the eye and were simply out of place in the script. She wanted to be in Tokyo - its a dream come true, even if it is not herself (in both senses), the guy wanted to strike up a relationship with the employee at work, and with the help of internal girls, he manages to work on our mistakes and change its principles. The victims were justified.
But what can still touch the viewer? After isolation it does not smell, but the main point shown. It comes in small details that grow into large-scale events. One thing that is worth attention, which was in Tokyo, and in the village, which has become a key element in an elegant finale. The disaster, which puts the bullet in the movements of the main characters and reveal the terrifying truth. It turns out that the problem was in the time frame, the boy was to be ... more chic twist, which I do not want to deprive you.
the final response has been incredible. I sat there with his mouth open and catch every word. Yes, it's great. Many have seen a "twist" in the movie, but the plot of this progress is hard to find. At first, it seems that we can predict the plot. Elements of the movement of bodies are good, but this is not surprising, but when events are suitable to a head, and then you realize that it's not what it looks like in reality. That is, a deeper storyline, and intrigue is not built on the ground level of the plot, and penetrates deeper and deeper, linking all the key points in an intriguing episode.
Why "Your name?" After waking up, after having been in the body of another man, dreams are swept away, leaving only a note on your phone and the behavior of others that even a name you do not remember. Perfectly.

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