"Your Name (2016)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The yarns are woven and take shape - twisted, entangled, sometimes unravel, torn, and then woven again. So is the time.
Once upon a time, five or six years ago, I came across an anime called 'The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. " And, you know, that girl has conquered not only time, but also my heart, because after 2011, I reviewed this film more times 4. And every time was like the first. I think, 'Your name' will suffer the same fate. They even theme and the problem is similar, but in the name, in my opinion, the story richer, in a sense, even more interesting (for me personally). This is the first film
Makoto Cinco, which I've seen. And I fell in love with his style, I swear! I wanted to see other works, because it is definitely 'mine'. The world of his anime unusually colorful, atmospheric and detailed. Each still picture can be printed and hang on stenochku. Each character - a figure based on a template, not faded shadow, and if a live person. Not all the films that boast, what can we say about anime.
Who are you?
question that a leitmotif through the entire picture. Who are you? Dream, delusion, fantasy or real ... but by some coincidence, the forgotten man? And it so hard to understand it, to remember what it seems, from the memory of disappeared without a trace, may not exist in it at all. I think each of us is faced with finding 'something', each at least once in their lives haunted feeling that something you are missing, you do not notice or simply forgotten. Deja vu, jamais vu - call it what you want. It is important that this desire and premonition can not be ignored. And it is impossible. This happens not only on the screen, and it will never happen 'just like that'
Why this non-existent city gives me such pain
Time -.? Interesting thing. She devoted many odes, sang many songs, books written and films removed, it is not counted. For some reason, this topic and I care about very much, goes through all that I've ever written (even indirectly). As with the 'girl', again we see the reflection on the theme of 'what if ...'. If you could rewind time ago? Can we change the future? 'Gate of Steiner' strongly suggests 'no'. 'Girl' - uh, kind of. And 'your name', rather, for destiny. Red Thread, a cross-cutting manner in the film, embodies this very destiny, is inherently invisible link, incorporeal, spiritual. Not for nothing in the plot woven divinity, it is no accident the main character refers to an ancient family of the temple servants. This circumstance makes it possible to obtain knowledge of heroes, which later greatly influence the course of history.
I love circular composition. I love it when after watching you can return to the beginning and look at it from a different angle. This picture is incredibly cinematic, it's really more of a movie than from the anime. Structure, selection of camera angles and plans, the design of the world. I'm not sure what the logic of the narrative perfect, but significant deficiencies were not. Pleased with the presence of unexpected plot twists and intrigue until the very end. Emotion was over, of course. It enhances the effect of music - she is beautiful, and immediately got into the playlist
also an important part of the composition is a dream.. In this picture he is not to designate dvoemirie or reality / fiction, and is an important component of the binder. I would even say, sleep plays a similar role, like in the movie Villeneuve 'Arrival' and, again, asks the question: Is time linear? And indeed, that is the essence of time? Dream in 'Thy name "- is an attempt to understand these issues
Really liked the episode with a tour of Taki ... nothing.? I would call it a space that way. I think that if the unconscious exist as a separate material space, then it would seem that way.
And yet, we have not explained why the two were linked. And, perhaps, the reasons are not important? Why does
in our lives things happen that way, and not otherwise? We meet some people to perform certain actions. Choose one thing and not another. Perhaps because it is necessary. People live on a whim, even the most rational, something inside of us pushing to the accomplishment of actions, which may eventually become a significant
What's your name
Love -.? The key to everything. And if not to all, then to a lot. This picture Cinco was a lot of touching moments, which did not look corny, were not too predictable. There was no tupizma protagonists (which is very pleased, because in the anime and dramas this time there is often and annoying).
know Mizuho and Taki tied not destiny. They tied the cosmos. The one from which came those fateful comet. You can live at different ends of the earth, but the sky is one and one space. And, in my opinion, a metaphor about time, which sounded in the anime than once, very true and valid.
I have a very nice cake is viewing. This is the picture that is really worth seeing, let through and realize something important for you.
10 of 10

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