"Your Name (2016)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Fly, fly above the clouds,
me to call me, call me.
but do not forget that the thread is thin,
not truncate, not tear off.
My world is fragile. After a hot August filling power and energy, come September. Crimson foliage falling from the trees on the cold ground, jealously starts to pick up a slushy autumn summer gifts. Soon the water is covered with a crust of ice, and all living things slowly melts in me. Is not alone on this repulsive winter, forget about the past frosts and generating a nipping wind and slanting razgvazdanye road. February abyss, punctuated by a light frost, definitely unsettling, and I - to die. I am dying to be reborn in early March. Reborn, like a phoenix, to do good and creation. Reborn, thanks to the love of my native people. For good reason all my relatives were born in the spring. And again: spring is beautiful in Japan. Therefore, I decided to watch something Japanese, but the mood is not conducive to the memoirs of another samurai and geisha stories of wandering. The eldest daughter in March - the good, she knows a lot about the spring, anime and manga - advised me, "Your name" Makoto Cinco
A starry sky is fascinating.. Somewhere far, far away it starts its way bright spot, flying down, leaving behind a long trail of burning millions of sparks, silhouetted wonderful curve of the sky. Taki teenager looks at the sky. Still loves the stars. He loves nature. Loves the forest, the quiet surface of the water, the bright green of spring grass and cherry blossom, whose petals are falling at a rate of five centimeters per second. But he lives in Tokyo, hoping to escape from the noisy city with its traffic jams, cars roar and blinding light of evening commercials. Mizuho girl looking at the sky. He looks at flying down the comet. And I think of only one desire - to leave. Away from this provincial town, which Auguste their monotony. I want the big city - such as Tokyo. Where fun and a lot of people, where ever you see a new face with a lot of noise. There is wonderful. Taki. Mizuho. What's in a name? Love, hope, faith in the best. The boy, who lives in dreams in the body of the girl. Feels himself the light angel, a girl on the ball, butterfly, fluttering in the night light. The girl, who lives in dreams in the body of the boy. I feel myself brave, serious and persistent. Poignant emotion tape confirms that the Shinkai still a child at heart. The child who healed the vulnerable soul. Them he remains to this day. That boy, who always liked to look at the stars, but now they pose a threat, and he sees only danger from the skies. That boy who loved trains, disappearing in the mist of the mountains, but now they take it from the edges, where he could be happy, could meet and see her. "Your name" - is not even a short meeting of two lonely hearts, this moment. Electrical discharges, the memories of which are "burned" in the palm of your hand. Sad face, which remains in the phone's memory. Drawing in a notebook with a carefully painted scarlet heart felt-tip pen. Record on the last page of a school notebook: "Who are you?»
And here really do not understand.. Love it or friendship, affection or sympathy? As if paying homage to the old tape Hideo Oba, Shinkai gives the same name and his animated creation, following the outline "to miss someone." He deliberately carries through space, thus indicating that there are no boundaries for the senses and love, there are no boundaries in the happiness and hope. By what means can be measured as a separation and can feel the distance? What is it - memories or dream, reality or fantasy? Directed sad, sad his characters and we with them. They share not only dozens of kilometers, which can be overcome, sitting in the train. They are separated by time itself. Shinkai plays with time frames, but the perception and stronger. As if we have gone far ahead into the future, but still want to return to the past. Look through old albums, see old friends, to touch the rough wall of the house where his childhood, to look at the school yard. Or sit in the shade on the aged bench with peeling paint. The promise of a director is clear. Not war, as a disaster, not bombings, since the fall of the meteorite. Shinkai the feelings of every Japanese, realizing that he practically lives on a volcano. Therefore, do not pass by, if you feel that you have met your soul mate. After all, life is also only a moment. That particular anguish, which has become the brand's handwriting. Here we have a wonderful atmosphere of a small town. Everything seemed to be fine, but there is nothing here. No bookstore, no discos, no skyscrapers, and instead of gatherings in a cafe - Bank of soda from a vending machine, drunk at a bus stop. And the local guys does not matter all that beauty. Exactly up to that time, until the sky a little shining point, approaching closer and closer.
By the way, about the girls. Shinkai, like a schoolboy on the first date, timidly confesses his love. Not for nothing the protagonist makes important decisions while it is in girly incarnation. In this case, the director can see the sage: "Appreciate what happens to you. After all, dreams melt away after you wake up. " Plain weaving node may be the god which weaves over time. Node, which intertwines the lives of people. Thread tangled, untangle, torn, woven again. And people's lives. Red autumn leaves along the road, stones protruding from the water. They paved the way to the underworld. In principle, this feature-length anime, too, about the revival. Shinkai does not spare its audience, it does not spare himself. It evokes sadness, but gives hope. At the same time here he has achieved almost the impossible - painted time. Abstract concept that can not be felt, it is impossible to behold, it is impossible to know its flavor. We see the awakening dawn, and as the fading sunset, laying down a blanket of fog on the calm surface of the lake. Raspolzayas thick cloth of clouds in the sky, which explode in a flash that illuminates the distant comet, Flinders sounds will break through this veil as rusty scissors robber cut the sheets hung out to dry. But what about the girl with sad eyes? What was she thinking? Meaning, dreams, life, love - all this will pass through the mirror of consciousness of a teenager and explode hysterical ending. Survive only generous, though mercy now out of fashion. There is no death for me. This red thread, like a diary memory. After all, she reminded me again that I do not want to forget. Your name.

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