Young People And Sexual Ethics Essay


Discuss about the Young People and Sexual Ethics.



Youth can be defined as green and salad days of life .It is time of life when one is young. It is defined as age specific between childhood and adulthood. The most favourite time of life is also one of the most challenging time. It is the time when one has to make very important decisions of life. At the same time it is the phase which can be disturbing and life changing phase. It has been seen that adequate percent of youth are choose wrong path in life. The reason for doing so is ignorance and misunderstanding of different views around them. One of the major problems faced by today’s youth is to deal with sexuality. Thus this beautiful and energetic phase of life needs to take care.

Sexual ethics pursues to know the moral conduct of interpersonal relationship. It further focus on sexual activities from social and moral conduct .Studies have shown that sexual ethics is one of the important education taught to young people. Educating young people has the conceivable contribution to the prevention of sexual violence. An ethical approach to sex is needed at present era. Young people need to understand the broader connection between relationship and changes with time. This can happen only when youth are death with professional attitude.

The relationship between young people and sexuality is a broad study. The sexuality has been studied widely. Human sexual behaviour is diverse and different from other organism. It is complicated at the same time. It has to be seen with biological and psychological angle. It is linked to social and mental health. An important reason to study human sexuality is that it is a source of motivation. Sexual motivation does influence towards human behaviour. Study of human sexuality without addressing biological prospective is not possible, as human behaviour is driven both biologically and socially. Hormones may be viewed as one of the major "driving forces" of sexual behaviour. Over the past several years, there has been much research examining the various roles that hormones play in the sexual behaviour of humans. Hormones are produced by the gonads (i.e., testes and ovaries), the adrenal cortex, the pituitary gland, and the hypothalamus. They exist in different concentrations, however, within males and females (Molina 1999). Human sexuality is a very multifaceted activity which need to deal with profound care. Young people receive ample of information about sexuality and gender on daily basis. We believed that a deep and quality curriculum-based sexuality education will help young adults to grow into responsible citizens. Although most of the educational programmes and policies are implemented in schools and colleges but the quality of the imparted education is weak.

Research work done in the field of youth and sexual ethic has find that with the advent of new approach to deal and educate youth about sexual ethics is effective (Sidbe) There has been a strong international commitment to promoting the provision of comprehensive sexual education. Sexual ethic in a society will come only with comprehensive sexual education. Various sexual related social and religious taboos has created a resistance in implement of sexual education programme. As stated in a study, “the dominant sexual ethic communicated to adolescents in the United States reflects an act centred prescription: abstinence-only-until-marriage. Youth are being told "just don't do it" without being given the opportunity to discuss the positive meanings of sexuality, the characteristics of healthy relationships, or the pleasure derived from sexual behaviours.”(Kate 2007).

The progressive mind set and new research work is needed. Lots of problems and resistance are created by different mind-set across the globe. National magazine under took a study for the need of education in the field of sexuality and behaviour changes and observed that there is period of wrenching change in sexual attitude.

Educating people, changing behaviour about sex education, detaching stigma from the discussion of sex related talks are in progress of implementation. A major problem is that when a child is grown first at home parents cannot communicate their thoughts about sex properly. In some cultures it is taboo to talk about sex .They may want to talk and communicate but because they are not educated properly in the field causes issues in creating awareness. Further when a child enters to the world filled with easy accessible information there are greater chance of getting caught in a web of information which end up misleading the young brains.

Educating young mind and children is only way out for making a society sexually ethical ethical. Schools and teachers are primary source to make a society ethical. To give a powerful implementation, a country need to get better policy making and effective laws. Studies have recommended the inclusion of young people on committee, review board and different policy making group. This would help law makers for better result.(Albury , Crawford, Methews 2013).If effective work will be done at grass root t level, there is hope for educated society which deals sexual subject as it should be dealt.


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