"You can not dream ..." Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

It was not possible to see this as a child, so I have no way, unlike probably many nostalgic sigh and utter: "Wonderful classics of my childhood," Well, then I will say this: "Wonderful classics of my life»
it should be noted that in addition to the romantic line then the viewer's attention is invited to quite a few amusing. It is enough to ridicule smart high school students, but rather abstruse revolutions of critical articles. "Nervous tissue forms", "plastic suffering", "beating backhand symbols"! Of course, alone and in an appropriate context, it may be appropriate, but overdo it with such expressions differently so not worth it. Probably everyone who passed his life literature school, at least once, and perhaps not just want to walk with merciless irony of this is clearly overloaded terminology texts. Because children usually are not fools, like other uncles and aunts have liked them so to do, and a keen sense that the sincerity lofty personalities to express himself easily to question.
the local tone of the narrative, on the other hand, is so sincere, even without milligrams falsehood that the accuracy and precision of observations, depth study of the characters, the liveliness and relaxed emotions unspeakably shocking.
film is the best shows the inconsistency "of their arguments had to give birth and raise their own way, rather than to teach others - No wonder even the teacher, whose life consists not very rosy, the child can understand a lot more and much more imbued with his or her sorrows, than the parents of this young creature. And shows that often the care of the child is covered by the parents ... the envy of his own happiness, especially if one of the parents is not too happy with her husband. And here is yet further aggravated by envy and jealousy of her that the young man in love to the mother of his darling.
That here, in real life do not even need any special reasons and circumstances of the same general dramatic past lovers parents to distort the fate of children . However, the fact that the story put in the mother and father the story of Katie Roma, and gives additional charm happening, light sadness of long-standing.
If we are to affect adults as greetings from the past, especially with the extraordinary sharpness feel the vulnerability of young creatures in our the world, despite the fact that Roma and Katie is not even the most depressing situation, which is only possible. The girl's parents are reasonable so that in reality, only the afternoon with fire similar look, a young man's father, too sane. And yet they have caused grief abound. What about those in love, which is at home, let's beat, whose parents drink, which side do no relative snaps!
Yet sometimes no less dangerous than physical violence can be psychological blackmail that here and observed. Terrible game with the most pure and honest feelings responsible, decent young man who does not want to offend anyone. And the reason there will always specify it in different ways, prepositions dig up car and small truck, but the essence is always the same. "You do not have with him \ her to communicate, it is empty, it all goes, you are in life do not know anything, we know better." In the course of each case will go to all: not the social status of the parents, poverty, or vice versa better financial position chosen or chosen one, if not just do not think this is not such a walk, is not breathing ... Therefore, all the most reverent, innocent and fragile - being trampled underfoot, he spurns the most biologically loved ones And as one who predicts something bad loved one, Programs essentially sets up in advance on the unhappy outcome. Often in such cases that the predicted does happen, but not because he is always right, who are older, and because people tend to contribute as much as possible ensure that their prediction came true. Even attempts more than enough to accommodate responsiveness, elation and warmth lodge in the heart of the cold cynicism and pragmatism. And anyway, what Roma failed to instill these traits - one of the most incredible things that can happen only. And that still happens.
... But enough is enough. In the end, no bashing vices are more significant in all, not a strong conviction respectable hypocrisy. Much more important is that all is not lost, yet still remain in the world of speech, devoid of any pathos, whatever was cheap theatricality. "My Scarce. It's good that you're small. What a pity that you little ... "The words seemed vague, unclear echo heard from the impossible dream - are a hundred times stronger than any crudest and irrefutable waking!

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