"You can not dream ..." Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

«schoolgirl, I'm still in my heart all the same schoolgirl.
resentment all well under the shoulder blade pain.
schoolgirl, I'm so in love you want to admit it,
Now rumor like mom saying, does not order » (A. Dementiev)
buildings, buildings ... Moscow late seventies gave their children the wonderful times that no, no yes and remember the good word of the old-timers. The golden period of the Soviet era, when the new districts was still possible to enter, get an apartment instead of buying it. And even though Moscow has ceased to believe in tears, but the courts have not yet been flooded with foreign cars was not yet the crazy rhythm of life, which will cover the Muscovites in ten years, and the city itself was hospitable capital of a great country, and not the center of the circulation of foreign currency capital. It is in such a wonderful capital mikrorayonchik in the apartment, still smelling of paint, I stop two equally respected family. However, they still respected only by Soviet standards. In fact, everything is different: it - flabby diffident man whose wife burns proletarian verb, wearing tall hats, it is - a beautiful woman whose life has just begun, even if it was due to a second marriage. But she is happy because she was pregnant and pregnant, because happy. He - remember it as my first love, and in love with her so far, she was - long-forgotten children's hobby, considering this foolishness and error. However, not everyone in this busy world depends on us: his son sixteen Roma passionately falls in love with her daughter Katya
Oh, these unworldly adults.! All they know how not to make mistakes, someone to love, someone to become. And not always to blame worrying about their children parents. Like it or not, and they have reason to be worried: love - a cruel adult game that can bring not only joy but also sadness. And the writer Galina Shcherbakova these grounds for alarm was not - that's why she and singer anthem all young lovers, teenage romantic poet and playwright. Like no other woman has been able to break the absurdity and superstition, deify friendship blameless hearts, light writing soulful love story of a boy and a girl, who moved to the screens director Ilya Frez.
the course of the film we realize that parents of young heroes in their lives can not sort out. Maybe because once that's their destiny, their love had crossed unfeeling adult hand. Well, children? They love - love of the net as a tear of love. Wreath of maple leaves on the girl's head and pressed together in prayer tonyusenkie palm, heel, come out of her sandals, pretty face, which still retained the children's features, - the director directs the admiring gaze boy innocently, without a trace of vulgarity. Girl rubs his chest vodka after the rain and it seems that now something will happen that will break in without knocking adults, accusing the boy and the girl in something bad, shameful, they say. We - the audience - we are afraid of them, following the lovers everywhere: whether it's a new supermarket where children allowed on the inflatable water swans, or hike to the teacher - spinster miss once just such a young impractical love. The guys are friendly, they breathe each other, enjoying the presence of just one lover
Partly due to censorship, partly because of the script, the director has avoided exciting modern, and not only today's teenagers talk about sex, giving the canvas a special charm:. Like a poem about the first love written classic, scene by scene tape purifies the soul from the scabrous and callousness. Only a certain anxiety, a premonition of what Romeo Must Die, impregnated film conversation in the cafe when the boy agrees to in-all costs to protect the girl, even at the cost of his own life. Similarity with the immortal tragedy of the great English playwright felt in this story. Even in the story there is a nod to the "Romeo and Juliet":. In Moscow on tour is coming to a theater troupe staging
"West Side Story" But all the film "you never dreamed of," exudes our native Russian soulfulness. Now, after some time, when the galaxy of great left a solid collection of films about school and students, we are really waiting for the tragic denouement: because often the stories told in these tapes were sad. We are waiting for some kind of attack on children by their peers: sometimes young wit, beauties and activists necessarily need a new victim. But no - here evil embody Only adults: weak-willed father, going on about his shrew-wife, who was a wild hatred of the opponent brings to the innocent daughter, two-faced grandmother, who, it would seem, should be wise and good, but in fact turns out to be hypocritical and cruel.
film gives battle callousness, veiled adult judgment, and veiled by the sympathetic attitude toward their offspring. In many respects it is a merit brilliant - a serious, powerful and distinct - directing. Director large handwriting and sweeping: it suggests a lens without jerks, making it possible to consider a penetrating gaze burning Roma eye. He really will burn like a star on the fly, not only in the movies, but in real life: in ten years the eyes of the actor Nikita Mikhailovsky will be closed forever. Perhaps, then, the heavens have looked after the boy: it so happens that leave the young ones who are more than the fate of love. Perhaps, therefore, the boy put his character in his soul: the ending is so strong that it will be able to hold back the tears, only the most resistant and insensitive. The film, like checking for lice, shows our internal quality and if a cynical man of forty secretly wipe tears, hiding her from teenage daughters, it's probably a simple story, played out on the screen, relevant at all times, even if replaced by a year, and . century
Dedicated to my daughters Martha and Margaret - the brightest spark in the night

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