World History: Centered On Europe Essay


1. Did this Eurocentric attitude and behavior have a lasting impact on the world as a whole?

2. In what ways did the close-minded and arrogant beliefs of these explorers impact the world and are these effects still evident today?

3. Did this behavior set up a system of racism and bigotry that is still felt in modern times?


1. Euro centrism refers to the practice of putting emphasis on European concern, values and cultures. The period 1400-1800 was the period for discovery and exploration. It was during this period that Europe tried to have a dominating influence over the whole world. They sailed around the world in huge sturdy ships to discover new lands. The Euro centric attitude had an impact upon the whole world. Regions around the globe bear names after European explorers and are in direction of Eurocentric view of the world. History of technology, science and mathematics is Eurocentric as they hardly refer to contributions from regions like India nad China.

2. European explorers had a positive effect upon the people of the rest of the world. The Europeans allowed them to change their ways of living, mostly for better. The European explorers spread Christianity. They influenced their fashion, beliefs, principles as well as religion. Europeans tried to make the world acquainted with technological advance. In present times also Europe has a great influence. Europe has successfully exerted its power throughout the world. Europe has succeeded in spreading its power all over the world because it has adapted itself to the modern world. They constructed ports and empires in Africa, Asia, North America and several other regions. One of their prime motives was to spread Christianity amongst the ones they have invaded. The Europeans had several other influences upon the people they invaded. They managed to change their religion, beliefs and principles. (Wallerstein) Thus we can say that Africans, Americans, Asians have been greatly influenced by the Europeans. (Thornton) The European market is one of the most interconnected market in the world. Today Europe doesnot just make rules and regulations inside Europe but even outside Europe. Europe may be referred to as economic powerhouse. Europeans have greatly influenced the modern world with their achievements. It plays its power effectively. These are the ways in which Europeans had an impact on the world in early as well as present times.

3. Racism is the intolerance of a particular class of people bearing certain biological make up towards another bearing different biological make up which in turn leads to the domination of one class of people. Racism is based on differences that are unalterable and hereditary. Bigotry means bearing unfair intolerance towards a particular class of people. The evolution of racism may be traced to the times of European exploration. (Lander) As there increased encounter between more and more people the concepts of race began to develop. People were subjected to differential treatment depending upon the race to which they belonged. The more the Europeans came in contact with Asians and Africans the concepts of racism started gaining force. Slavery is one of the examples of racism practiced by the Europeans. The present century has seen a lot of changes as far as racism is concerned. Legislations have been enacted to prevent racism. Inspite of everything the ancient barriers between races still exist though they are invisible. (Ucelli and O'Neil)


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