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Climate change is a global issue that has a negative impact on the world. Hence, it needs to be addressed in future in a proper way. There are several factors that is causing climate change. These issues need to be addressed. The burning of oil, coal, natural gas and others needs to be stopped as this is a major reason of climate change. People all over the world need to be efficient and fully aware of the negative impact of climate change. This awareness will restrict them doing things that are causing climate change. The unnecessary cutting down of the trees needs to be stopped as trees can eradicate climate change. Most importantly, people should focus on using alternative pollution free resources in order to stop climate change. These are the ways by which the issue of climate change can be addressed.

The businesses have a significant role to play in the climate change. The businesses should use renewable energy in their business operations, as they are not harmful for the environment. In addition, the businesses should deploy innovative low carbon technologies as a solution of climate change. The businesses all over the world should implement various sustainable strategies in order to fight with the growing issue of climate change (, 2017).

Other stakeholders of the businesses need to step up to fight the issue of climate change. The government should introduce various environmental rules and regulations that will force the people and business to adopt eco-friendly business strategies. The consumers need to be well aware about the negative effects of climate change. They should not use plastic bags, oil, gases and others. The investors need to invest their money in different kinds of eco-friendly business projects. In this, way, they can promote the awareness of climate change (, 2017). In this regard, the main aim of the NGOs is to make the world aware about the negative effects of climate change. In addition, they need to show the world the ways to eradicate the effects of climate change (, 2017).

The above discussion shows the various ways to stop climate change. However, many obstacles are there in those ways. Few companies all over the world are using renewable energies for their business operations. On the other hand, it can be seen that the governments are not introducing enough strict regulations and policies to stop climate change. One of the major obstacles is the lack of awareness about climate change in the people of all over the world. These are the main obstacles (, 2017).

However, there are ways to overcome these obstacles. The businesses all over the world need to emphasize on the use of renewable energies. In this regard, the governments should employ strict environmental policies that the companies must follow. Mass awareness is the main way to diminish the obstacles. People all over the world must know the negative impact of climate change on their families and future generation. In this regard, the government and various NGOs should take the responsibilities to make them know the negative effects of climate change (, 2017).


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