Workplace Policy And Procedures For Sustainability: Tiny Opera Essay


Discuss about the Workplace Policy and Procedures for Sustainability for Tiny Opera.


Three policy option summaries

In this section, there will be development of an implementation plan as well as monitoring strategy that will be used for understanding the application at Tiny Opera Company. The information can be gathered by reviewing the sustainability plan of Tiny Opera Company and completing the implementation plan as well. Policy option summary will help in developing a monitoring strategy on selected scenario in order to gain approval from management through use of proper implementation plan. This plan will help in developing a presentation and conducting training session for the employees who are working at Tiny Opera Company and make use of this training session for improving resource efficiency within the company.

Each of the three policy option is summarized below with proper justification:

  1. Potable water and waste water- It is known to all that water scarcity can be treated as main component that is basically needed for industrial as well as economic growth. In that case, portable waster is needed for meeting increasing demands of freshwater resources as it is one of the issues noted on agendas like environment and development factors for past decades.
  2. Suppliers, products and use of materials- Raw materials are needed at first place so that company can plan to meet consumer demand for goods and services. In order to get raw materials into a saleable product in future, it is needed to get proper functioning of production as well as manufacturing and distribution activities. Addition to that, applying environmental standards at the time of procuring sustainable products and services will help in providing a catalyst and that will bring improvement in the environment and high performance in supply chains. This altogether will include other factors such as driving resource efficiency as well as innovation at the same time. Furthermore, managing demand is necessary and this is one of the organizational strategies that will give opportunities for controlling as well as reducing costs. However, effective use of technology will be in automating business process and even lead to bring improvement in the productivity as well as environmental performance as a whole.
  3. Office waste, building waste and recovering from used resources- It is important to understand the fact that developing strategies as well as practices are needed for managing huge quantities of waste generated and this is treated as one of the environmental challenge. Earlier, there were several traditional approaches used for managing waste and this relies upon natural environment for absorbing and assimilating unwanted by-products. In addition, environmental impacts get linked with waste disposal such as methane emissions, land contamination as well as toxicity and leachate discharges.

Drafting sustainability policy

Tiny Opera Company’s Sustainability Policy

Policy Scope

The scope of the sustainability policy of Tiny Opera Company is to explain the commitments as well as implementation approach and discuss about the responsible parties. The main aim of policy scope is to ensure that the objectives are met in the long-run and these are discussed below. Therefore, the sustainability policy of Tiny Opera Company takes into account business operations of goods as well as services at the same time.

Policy Objectives

  • The Sustainability Policy of Tiny Opera Company deals with highlighting the high risk environmental aspects as portrayed by the Environmental Risk Assessment Department
  • The Sustainability Policy of Tiny Opera Company fails to address staff welfare that relates to health and safety because the aspect is taken care by the Occupational Health and Safety Department
  • The Sustainability Policy of Tiny Opera Company contain strategies of diverse business that they will be expanding in the near future
  • Tiny Opera Company desire to become leader in environmental as well as social aspects that is linked with sustainability programs.
  • Tiny Opera Company aims at influencing environmental outcomes that can be done by partnering with the stakeholders
  • Tiny Opera Company believes in engaging their staff members, partners as well as community to work upon several key sustainability issues and inspire them so that they can take action both individually and collectively.

Tine Opera Company’s Commitment to the Policy

In this section, there will be proper explanation of the policy that will provide a framework that will be used for implementing measures in bringing improvement in the environmental performance.

  • Tiny Opera Company will adopt Environmental Sustainability Policy as it is one of the comprehensive policy design and this help in improving performance as well as mitigating high risk. The risk can be avoided by considering the environmental aspects as highlighted in the risk assessment
  • Tiny Opera Company will adopt a policy that will expand with the policy statement as well as introduces from the context of environmental and sustainability. The policy even highlights the legislative as well as policy obligations that will help in understanding the responsibilities and actions that should be followed by the Department officials
  • Tiny Opera Company will be complying with all important environmental legislations planning, initiatives as well as regulations and planning of policies
  • Tiny Opera Company will be setting environmental objectives as well as aims at targeting attributes that ensure continuous improvement
  • Tiny Opera Company will be communicating and delivering environmental sustainability objectives as well as set an target and plan implementation for each 3 years
  • Tiny Opera Company will be focusing on clear accountabilities
  • Tiny Opera Company will be monitoring as well as assessing level of performance against targets, standards and benchmarks
  • Tiny Opera Company will be reporting on the performance individually and this is transparent by nature
  • Tiny Opera Company will be reviewing the environmental performance and communicate the same to the Upper Management Level every year
  • Tiny Opera Company will be communicating level of commitment addressed in front of the staff members as well as stakeholders
  • Tiny Opera Company will be working with supply chain and this will be used to source products as well as services
  • Tiny Opera Company will be developing practices for achieving requirements of environmental legislation as well as industry standards and government policies.

Implementation approach- office waster, building waste as well as resource resources

Energy management programs as well as training of staff members

  • Developing formal energy management policy
  • Developing achievable targets as well as policies
  • Appointing Energy Management Committee
  • Continuous reviews, feedback sessions as well as action planning
  • Rewards and recognition to the staff members who are performing well
  • Collection of accurate record of energy consumption

Office recycling systems

  • Installation of paper recycling system
  • Installation of recycling system in the offices
  • Application of centralized paper recycling system
  • With each desk, there will be small paper bin as well as small garbage bin
  • Existing recycling system to be improved
  • Introduction of Office Waste reduction program

Interim report

The Sustainability Policy of Tiny Opera Company had been developed for meeting the industrial requirements in proper ways. Some of the sustainability strategies that should be used by Tiny Opera Company are as follows:

  • Minimum utilization of available resources
  • Waste minimization
  • Waste recycling all the time
  • Minimizing use of toxic material as well as other hazardous chemicals
  • Application of sustainability continuous improvement strategy
  • Monitoring the sustainability policy
  • Implementation of life cycle management approaches

Best Practice Model- Government energy efficiency programs

The efficiency of Australian Government can be measured by understanding the energy usage as well as investment made in getting better buildings and equipments. It is the Australian Government who is working with the state and tertiary government so that they can implement some strategies and these are as follows:

  • Staff members to know their objectives and implementation of project
  • Requirements of minimum energy performance
  • Eliminating cost generated from waster and minimum energy waste
  • Reviewing energy ratings especially for commercial buildings as well as appliances and equipment
  • Implementation of Commercial Building Disclosure as it is one of the national program that need mandatory energy ratings used for commercial office buildings that are either sold or leased for given period of time.
  • Showing the results of all the department so that staff members remains updated with all the policies.

Strategies for promoting awareness of sustainability policy

  • Setting up a Sustainability Corner as presented in the company internet
  • Updating bulletin board that are present in the cafeteria. In this board, all the information about sustainability should be mentioned
  • Sharing electricity bill with employees
  • Sharing water or sewage bill with the staff members
  • Conducting sustainability tours that will talk about sustainability building features
  • Meeting with CEO and discuss about sustainability program during annual employee programs
  • Performing waste audit
  • Printing up posters that summarizes the sustainability priorities as well as goals of Tiny Opera Company

Strategies for maximizing the impact of the policy

Business enterprises shows interest in understanding the perceived advocates of sustainability as there is increased pressure present from government, regulatory bodies and public. In addition, it is important to manage the sustainability strategies as well as techniques that can be gathered after conducting research and understanding the field of expertise. Furthermore, the range of sustainability services that are made accessible to the business is increasing and there is high pressure growth present. Nowadays, Business Corporation believes in adopting sustainability strategies so that they can evaluate with the best practices and provide benefit to the society as a whole. There are several services that come under the category of sustainability services as well as each had access to varied benefits. Therefore, training as well as educating staff members about the sustainability practices will help in meeting long-term goals and objectives.

Final version of the sustainability policy

Tiny Opera Company’s Sustainability Policy

Policy Scope

The scope of the sustainability policy at Tiny Opera Company will define the implement plan approach that focuses upon business in the section serving both staff members and customers.

Policy Objective

  • To comply with all important government legislations as well as policies and planning instruments. This can be done by meeting obligations as needed by Australian Government environmental as well as sustainability reporting
  • To reduce adverse environmental impacts as well as promotion of sustainability practices. This can be done by delegating responsibilities as well as undertaking actions for the department officials for application purpose
  • To assess products based on life cycle attributes as well as evaluating suppliers for social responsibility
  • To manage resource consumption as well as demand. This will eventually help in bringing improvement in product utilization as well as efficiency and financial performance

Tiny Opera Company’s Commitment to the Policy

  • Setting environmental objectives as well as targets that ensure continuous improvement
  • To measure and report on environmental management initiatives
  • To understand relevant environmental legislations as well as regulations and planning policies

Implementation approach- office waste, building waste as well as resource recovery

Engagement or Training or Communication Sustainability

Employee engagement

  • Feedback from employees
  • Assisting staff members so that they can complete the project on time
  • Collaborating with employees so that discussion can be done about sustainability based on their job functions or role or responsibilities
  • Creating opportunities in understanding sustainability policy

Energy Management Programs

  • Lighting Sensors
  • Reducing temperature for night-time hours
  • Saving LED lighting
  • Improvement in the existing recycling system
  • Energy metering

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