Work with freelancer Essay

The saying 'it takes a village' is applicable to many challenges and scenarios in life – and marketing a successful business can certainly be one of them! But being creative and using your resources can help keep your marketing fresh and engaging to your current and prospective audiences and consumers. One valuable resource which can often be overlooked is …you guessed it…. freelancers! With many professionals either freelancing as their side hustle or establishing a strong full time freelance career, businesses have never had so much access to talented professionals who would just love to lend a helping hand.

So what are the benefits of having creative, knowledgeable and talented freelancers at your fingertips? Well, let’s take a look together:


One of the benefits of working with freelancers that may make your CFO’s and accountants jump with joy is the cost savings. Collaborating with freelancers can yield both immediate and long term cost savings for big and small businesses alike! The most obvious form of cost savings is indeed the lack of another full time salary because you, of course, only pay a freelancer when you need them. Also worth consideration is the costs being saved on accompanying health benefits and other monetary incentives such as RRSP contributions. Because we often work remotely, we also don’t take up desk space on a daily basis, nor do you have to spend money on office supplies, technology, software licences, or other overhead costs for freelancers.


Like most businesses, you can bet that we love building long-lasting relationships with our clients, creating a partnership that helps both their and our business thrive! A big part of creating this professional relationship is built on the fact that a great freelancer is extremely nimble, ready to help you out in those times when you need us most! Without big teams to brief and convoluted processes required to even just get new projects started, we can usually jump into things quickly. Also, and this isn’t just because we love repeat business, but also for purposes of integrity, we strive to deliver the highest quality of work, every time.


As freelancers, we not only support our clients' businesses, but we also have to do literally everything for our own business. We nurture it, provide customer support, track our income and invoicing, create business strategies and plans, and continue our education and growth in our own fields. In no way am I complaining, but it's a lot. To be successful, you can bet your bottom dollar that we're mastering productivity, time management, and we're not afraid to dig in and get our hands dirty! This translates to the work that we do for our clients - ensuring that things get done effectively and quickly.

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