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Othello an african american person that was in empowered from other superiors. From a time period that didn't look so highly of african americans entrusted a story about othello and his power as a leader. Othello with his wife desdemona are together throughout the book. Iago the antagonist against othello the lord, come with open hands. As the role of iago and othello start to intertwine, Othello an man with power would soon let his jealousness overcome his love for his sweet desdemonia. Iago the man with greed for power will show how othello as a man already inpower with cause his to become a reckless lord and will influence the plot and tone into a blood shower.

Othello in love with his fiance desdemona was just having the time of his life without a care. Iago a man that wants all power will soon come to destroy their bond. At first othello and his friend Iago were just like brothers, “a man he is of honesty and trust",-- to his conveyance i assign my wife.” trusting Iago. as the iago carries through with his plan for power, he soon uses asaided to think aloud to the audience to prove his efforts to gain the power. As a shift in power Iago will soon push forward to the end of the story to later influence othello to kills his wife. throughout the story iago persuades Othello that cassio a male that hasn't done such a sort to cheat, that cassio and desdemona were together and cheating because of her handkerchief. Her handkerchief symbolises the love she has for othello. As othello find that cassio has the handkerchief, that is a sign that desdemona has loved cassio.

How could a handkerchief have such and effect on Othello? The motive othello came from his friend Iago. Iago making sure that cassio will fall to blame for this mischievous action iago has in store. Exposing cassio when othello was hiding, iago was there to talk about desdemona with cassio trying to make desdamonia a whore. Through this action iaga was able to influence Othello to believe that his wife was a whore. As in charge of his wife, Othello sees it as a sign of betrayal, which later the persuades Othello into killing his beloved desdamonia. As the killing of desdemona comminces, she say”and i have you mercy too!--I never did offend you in my life; never lov’d cassio.” but even then Iago has influenced Othello to carry on with the killing. This set the mood into a sad yet serious tone to show the power of persuasion. Even then desdominia still defended Othello with her dying last breath.

In Othello is a scene of silence and anger, coming from othello belief in Iago as a man of honesty. As iago was able to persuade Othello into a mad man to killing his wife, Iago had such an impact to the way the story played out as it turns in to the blood bath towards the end of the story. Even as little as a hankerchief had the biggest effect in the long run as Othello was to call his wife a whore. As iago slowly gained power, costed the lives of many to end during the time of jealousy and anger as the dying lover birds (othello and desdemona) dying together.

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