"Witness for the Prosecution (1957)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The murder of a rich woman can not cause resonance. For such cases the police are taken with great enthusiasm, and to find the main suspect is not too difficult when announce it will. Here are just a suspect stubbornly continues to insist on his innocence. And then his fate is in the hands of the one who is always hiding from him his true feelings
Wizard detective stories Billy Wilder, this time filming began for the classics -. One intricate works of the writer Agatha Christie. Having already by the time of creating decent experience as a noir films and romantic comedies, the director shoots unforgettable drama, where every action the characters is the most unpredictable consequences. He takes viewers into the courtroom and witness the fulfillment of justice does act
«-. Doctor? He forbade me everything - alcohol, tobacco, society women. And now he wants to take my work and name ... Maybe he and I put in a box of mothballs and take away on the shelf? »
From the first minutes of the meeting, it is clear to the lawyer Wilfrid Roberts as he was able to earn its excellent reputation in judging the world. He is well versed in men and has in its arsenal a lot of tricks that help to save his client from execution or long imprisonment line. Once is not trying to keep the work of Wilfrid and strangle his care, he still finds time to fulfill his duty - to protect those who, in his opinion, are innocent. Actor Charles Laughton played in this film one of the best roles of his life. His lawyer brilliantly appears in court, trying not only to justify his client, but also get to the truth.
Charming accused Stephen Vole in the absence of a reliable alibi forced to move in a cold cell and only dream about, to hold in their hands at least part obtained inheritance. Tyrone Power convincingly played the role of a man who knows that his life is in the hands of his wife, and therefore dreaded his verdict.
His last hope is Christine Vole, which is ready to do anything to help his wife. That's just her every new application in the courtroom is another nail in the coffin of Stephen. Tricky lies and constant change of testimony nobody has helped win the case of murder, but what is really on the mind of this woman can not be found. Marlene Dietrich is gorgeous in this film. Cold reserve of her character became a pledge that she was able to interest the best lawyer in town.
The film surprises throughout his screen time. Shown here is probably one of the most prominent trials in the history of cinema. And the finale is simply stunning, it is unlikely you could come up with a better completion of the story.
Do not trust anyone his fate, especially if this person is an angry woman.

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