"Witness for the Prosecution (1957)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Sir Wilfrid - notable London lawyer - just discharged from the hospital, accompanied by intrusive nurse-nurse, as immediately from the doorway gets very interesting case. His new client Leonard Vaul is accused of murdering a woman with whom he had quite a strange relationship. Compounding the matter Vaul few facts - reinforced concrete evidence, the inheritance that the rich boy killed rewritten, and his own wife suspected -. Christina, think clearly his performance in this complicated case
Gorgeous film adaptation of a play by Agatha Christie, filmed in the usual banter for Billy Wilder's style. The plot is intriguing and interchange (particularly for those who have not read the work of a writer) and did amazing. But other than that Wilder managed to subtly and wittily enough to Americanize the British purely the product of a mass-pribautochek jokes, which created this film special color. Directed remained true to himself and the ordinary for myself a way to combine hard-court tragic showdown with light, while organic to plot canvas staging. Although if Wilder was able to find the funny in the formulation of a Nazi concentration camp ( "Camp №17 prisoners"), it cope with a story a German, who played in the film, the German real - Marlene Dietrich - for him it was not so difficult
A. even in this film his swan song played full Hollywood stars of the 30s. His last Oscar nomination for his role as a lawyer Wilfrid was Charles Laughton, and as for me, it was he more than deserves the statuette in 1958 than his compatriot Alec Guinness. Lawton was the main driver of all performances, combining together the portrait of an intellectual lawyer (the best in its field) and comic tolstyachka, with their weaknesses and irritation that exasperated nurse scary nurse. But just last played Lawton real wife Elsa Lanchester, which likewise deserved for this role to get the "Oscar". At first glance at the Lanchester role it was purely cosmetic, and her character does not at all influence the course of judicial showdown, but it is through this comic confrontation line "lawyer - nurse" of the hero in the amount of Lawton, and left the most attractive character
One. last roles in the movies this film became for 56-year-old Marlene Dietrich, who in his later years in the role of a calculated and deliberately cold-wife German girl looked just amazing. Of course, for such a "picture" answered makeup artists, but I must admit that Marlene on fifties kept himself in great shape. And the game, by the way, the actress in terms of expression and anguish at once, too, is excellent. Very strange, why kinoakademiki bypassed this role Dietrich attention. Finally, the film became the last in the career of 43-year-old Tyrone Power, who played a murder suspect hubby. I played well (although a bit on the background of dissolved Lawton and Dietrich), but clearly we can say that it was one of the best roles of the interesting actors in his rich biography. Already in 1958, he died of a heart attack and can only imagine how many roles he did not finish ...
textbook forensic detective, which is equivalent to compete with other legendary judicial statement of 1957, "12 Angry Men". Billy Wilder once again showed class.
7,5 out of 10

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