"Witness for the Prosecution (1957)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The fact that the tape 'Witness for the Prosecution ", to achieve (for 2014-the year) 57-year-old' age 'is held in the Top250 KP, already says a lot. The fact that the film 'Witness for the Prosecution "is based on the product of the empress detective Agatha Christie shows uncommon during the scene. The fact that the film 'Witness for the Prosecution "has been nominated once as much as 6 prizes Oscar, though, unfortunately, has not received any, even more noteworthy. And for the fourth under the account the fact is, not as lying on the surface, would include the brilliant German actress, moved to Hollywood, Marlene Dietrich, a real legend of world cinema.
go into too much detail of the plot does not want to, so as not to deprive the pleasure potential spectators to fully enjoy the tricky course of action of the court session in which a charge will be put in charge of a fascinating man, Leonard Vole (Tyrone Power) for the murder of an elderly lady, became for him something of a patron. The fact that all the evidence suggests culpability Leonard Vaul, promote, that is about the meeting will be closed, but Vole attracted to the case of the whale Litigation Sir Wilfrid (great role Charles Laughton), and his wife emergence Vaul Christina (the same inimitable Marlene Dietrich) makes the investigation steps and built in a precise logical charges. But everything is so transparent in the mysterious death of the wealthy ladies or pitfalls will go over the smooth surface of the court? All this will find you if you do not confuse the 'age' paintings.
Besides being a cunning plot by itself attracts its development and unexpected twists, the picture 'Witness for the Prosecution' surprises with its perfect and natural in the mapping of the courtroom and well-built scenery. I do not know right where were shooting, but if they were not committed in this room and in the halls, the honor and praise to the technical staff team of the film crew! Atmosphere is happening remarkably quickly retracts inwards and you already feel yourself present at the meeting. Tom and contribute to the work of lighting fixtures, and the operator detects the slightest glare and shadows, so that the audience could feel the Accent course of action. In addition, the viewer suddenly avoid being bored (though, as there bored, as if striking was done technical work? Real treat!) There is a return to a past event, based on the story of Leonard Vaul. Thus, the great director Billy Wilder gives the viewer food for thought, so that he could build himself guesses.
But no matter how beautiful the film was as if he was not perfectly lined up and shipped, it can be lost if the actors will not finish viewer realism of his characters. I must say that all of them have succeeded. I even will not begin with a leading role, and with the role of Elsa Lanchester (nominated for Best Supporting Actress). She played a nurse caring and meticulous grunt Sir Wilfrid she as a mother Teresa guarded him and his behavior sometimes caused a chuckle. The appearance of her character in the finale, when she makes a conclusion about what is happening, based on the nature of Sir Wilfrid, clearly makes it clear that her character and it is very, very smart woman. Tyrone Power played, as I said, the charming man, one who could any woman turn a head, it is as a gigolo as a gigolo, but at the same time he is also good, but somewhat shy, so this character, well played Power, not so simple.
brilliantly played by Charles Laughton, such a sharp, arrogant, grumpy old man with a very difficult character had more to execute, but he is also a smart, seasoned and has an iron grip. And Marlene Dietrich ... Personally, I was in awe of her game. This multi-layered role, literally pressing on you, it becomes something sharp, something harsh, something terrible, something prim and how it reincarnated in a daring lady - this is some benefit reincarnation. I have not seen her other roles, but, of course, heard about this phenomenal actress, and certainly after the first role where I saw Marlene Dietrich, I can conclude that it is phenomenal, but other roles it did not disappoint, but for some reason there is such confidence that this will not happen.
Wonderful forensic detective, superbly made in technical terms, and marked by the brilliant play of almost all actors. He deserves to be on a par with the classics from the master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock, I think that he would appreciate a picture of Billy Wilder and would recommend it.
9 of 10

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