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Oh, what a word! Almost my favorite moment in the whole film. It is clear that after two and a half minutes of screen time, the value of this destructional seemingly sentence reduced to zero, but, damn, how encouraging it sounded! Honestly, every time I look, listen ... and believe it! And all Mrs. Chin, among other things. And her useless hubby. Remarkably played, anyway. Both. The result is that both want to ... "not forgive". Alas!
wonderful movie. Such peace, right. Almost native. Even I wonder how it was made strictly in Poland and other "civilized Europe", assessed whether there it appreciated? Not that this value for some was simply curious. General (right?) Values ​​and all that stuff, you know.
himself I do not remember when I first looked at this film. I suspect, as a child it was. Yet so everything is simple, clear and penetrating that one attempt was enough. Since then only with great pleasure every time viewed. And as we are in good quality on DVD to get yourself! .. I had to agree on the result of that is available, well, yes even so.
It is clear that the story in a way naive told. Current viewer, nurtured on soap operas of different poshiba plot moves such as the loss of memory of a hero or a happy finding them once irretrievably lost child, for example, will be surprised. But ... It's not the main thing. Here the atmosphere is important. Kindness, sensitivity. Satisfaction derived from the fact that justice, in the end, though not fully, but still prevail. Simple everyday things I speak. Nothing supernatural.
Well played. Chin gentlemen, I have already mentioned, the main character - this goes without saying, but here even as it, in principle. Believe unconditionally - is not the main feature of quality. And like dubbing. Obviously the case when a very well-matched voices, intonations. M. Kokshenov alone what it takes. A textbook example for me personally. Perfect hit.
In general, it is a favorite. I watched, watching, and I will watch. The highest score.
10 of 10

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