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To say that the film is brilliant - to say nothing. One of the best movies of all time. Poles have always shot very well, but the 'Witch Doctor' - that's for sure the best of the movie plot
we all know with you, perhaps, maybe a little bit forgotten.. A brilliant professor of medicine Rafal Vilchur even lost his memory, has not forgotten his life's work - to treat people. And even when he was already known as Anthony KASIB, in gratitude to give money - it does not take. It is the nature of the kindest people. It does not matter who he is rich and successful doctor or a tramp, pribludy assistant local miller. Image Rafal Vilchur / Anthony KASIB proves that generosity - it is inside, as if a man may look outwardly
As proof of this is given by way of the image of an indifferent doctor Petr Pavlensky, graduate, looks very well-kept and respected.. In contrast to Antony, he looks more disgusting. But he has the right to be treated, and Antony - no. Quackery in what was then Poland was a crime.
Equally touching looks and love line. When I first saw the film, back in 1998, I could not understand why all the time show lovers - saleswoman ... well, at least we call it a general store ... Marys and the Count himself Chinskogo. How they relate to Antony? To understand - it is necessary to carefully watch a movie - explained Mom. And then, of course, is not without social prejudice. Banal story - it count, it is - a simple salesgirl, they can not love each other. But his heart did you command? So what does Marysia to Antony? Inspection to the end, if you have not watched! But do not forget to start!
film causes tears, but it is the kindest, warmest tears. Looking like a movie, inadvertently breaks out - there is a really good people in the world. But that's where they are? Where to find them?
Yes at all times all asked this question. And in interwar Poland, too. And these people - here they are! They are - in our midst. Simply, they are modest, not used to shout about his nobility, in contrast to all the abominations that and jump out from behind every corner, and declares itself, and attracts attention. As shown in the film, too.
make an assessment is inappropriate here. This film, which looked to be getting better! The assessment does not?

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