"Witch" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

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The film and still able to move me to tears. Of course, it affects the creation. That is, however, many did not survive the 'beautiful movies', but, nevertheless, made this picture on the level, even without the glitz and glamor. But the key to this work affected very valuable life situations. Witch Doctor - a classic that you want to see everything. Probably, someone he can seem banal or somewhat naive, but ... people shown in it exactly as they are. With envy, jealousy, meanness ... This movie makes you think a lot. The fact, for example, where the border 'and don'ts' when, for example, on the map is worth a human life? The story of an outstanding personality with a great heart, a movie about a doctor with a capital letter and a beautiful person at the same time (in fact, is the real talent does not go hand in hand with the amazing qualities of universal?). But I would not say that the creators working on the film were limited to broad light and dark strokes, excluding halftones. On the contrary, each character is painfully clear, simple and versatile. The truth now I did notice that there was some kind of new trend, because of which people, if any operation there are relatively clean and good character without meanness or similar properties, are beginning to say that it is 'unrealistic'. Really want to reiterate that everyone has their own reality, because we create it ourselves, even the kind of people to gather around him. So I do not want to touch this aspect. Everyone decides for itself how much this or that work close to its 'reality'. And what about the film itself, I do not want to go into details, just because I really believe that it should be seen. I am sure that many will make it memorable. He does not teach, but many ways to teach.
I would also like to acknowledge the good actor's game, thanks to which it was possible to create a special atmosphere. Even forget that it is a movie. It seems that life itself has scattered the cards in front of you, so sincere and simple, native and soul was for me this work. Even the 'surprising' that in a relatively 'short stretch of cinematic time "touched so many problems, the fate and nuances, given that now from this story would have done probably some soap series. Partly brevity makes the picture so powerful. I am a little familiar with Polish films, but this one is definitely for life will remain one of my favorites.

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