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Without a doubt one of the best examples of Polish cinema, as well as one of the best in the Jerzy Hoffman, to which no work does not fall below the high set strap that separates art from schlock. A film "Witch Doctor" the director took a very great creative heights
The film is very organically fitting one to one all -.. From directing to the smallest detail props
legs to stand on a brilliant script Jacek Fursevicha and of the Jerzy Hoffman . I'm not familiar yet with the original - the story Tadeusz Dolenga-Mostovich, but, in my view, scenic adaptation performed at the highest level, while retaining all the semantic load and accents literary basis
Then, of course. it should be noted terrific acting. All roles are played well, from the main to the second- and treteplanovyh. Not just a powerful and grandiose impression leaves the role of Professor Rafal Vilchur, filled with Jerzy Bińczycki . Played simply but very sincerely and convincingly. He said that feelings, emotions believe immediately, without hesitation. R. Vilchur was embittered by what the surrounding world: he had to go through a very difficult test, but he managed to keep, no matter what kindness, humanity and compassion, to withstand such a harsh life tests
very beautiful, but also not far away. serene history of relations convincingly passed the on-screen characters Tomasz Stockinger (Leszek) and Anna Dymna (Marysia). Here, too, the whole gamut of emotions: love, jealousy, class and social foundations and principles of relations, to sacrifice that is not so easy, even for deep feelings, the heroes always gets difficult problem of choosing
good in the film and other acting work. So, very well played mother and father Chinskie, who performed the role of, respectively, Maria Homerska and Igor Śmiałowski .
liked as Peter Fronchevsky (Dobranetsky), Bernard Ladyshev (Prokop) and Andrzej Kopiczyński (Pawlicki).
No claims and all others.
not the last role in the positive perception of the viewer this movie has played extremely successful Russian dubbing Have a voice Nicholas. Grabbe, who voiced R. Vilchur, worthy of the greatest evaluation, and in fact in the film as well, and always "to the point" picked up all Russian voices. A case of the Peter Grabowski and its Russian understudy Michael Kokshenovym at all striking. The fact that the last voice of this character is perfect, I do not say. But the actors even look somewhat similar, some very definite similarity between them there.
Still want to mention in the film is very strong, soulful music Peter Marczewski, thanks to which the island feel and experience the mood of each episodes, each mikrostseny. ! Excellent work of the composer
But in general I repeat - the strongest picture! And so it is necessary to shoot this movie.
this film it is impossible not to put the highest score, so
10 of 10

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