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Over the weekend, once again amended the Polish film 'witch doctor' . Though the film and removed a long time, I was able to watch it for the first time only in 2001. Once he went past me before. To say that was struck by what he saw, then do not say anything. I was shocked! Since then, it has been able to review the total of 4 times. Very touching movie, I can not look calmly his soul is torn to pieces. Crying on vzryd upon every viewing.
film is very good, 'right', from him even blowing some warmth and comfort. It's like 'story about a real man' : sincere, kind and selfless. A man for whom life - above all, a great value, standing above even freedom. Agree, not everyone will go to the crime, to save a person's life. I think this is the the present Act. . With a capital
'witch doctor' is relevant to the present day, as the topics raised in it - the eternal problem of mankind. Contrast comparison of good and evil, indifference and genuine participation, cruelty and mercy, both low and high deeds ... And at the same time, in the film there is no doom. The authors seem to say: 'Stop for a second. Think. What is worth your life? What are you doing? ' . Life gives everyone a chance to change. And only depends on us to use it or not. The choice is always.
A strong film. In it, and the relationship of children and parents, and the love of man and woman, and the opposition of morality and depravity ... No doubt, the film at all times, which proves the interest in the film more than thirty years after its release . Actor's game is impressive: it is so realistic, and the penetration of that, I think, will not leave anyone indifferent. A main character can become for many a role model in terms of human qualities. He took a deep sinks into the soul, touches the heart. He makes people better, more humane, kinder, more merciful, compassionate
great masterpiece of Polish cinema, one of the best The film about true love, which is not afraid of class distinctions..; professionalism of the doctors seeking help to anyone, despite his social status. He does not care financial benefits, it is important to save a life, in all circumstances and in any situation, and he will fight for the salvation of life to the end, even if there is almost no hope; about human vices and virtues; of people with all their advantages and disadvantages.
This film leaves a lasting impression in the soul. And no matter how many years have passed after the show, you will remember him. These films need to watch all, including children in the making of their personality. This visual aid, how to become a real man. A man who knows how to love, teach compassion and kindness. A person who has absolutely no pride, he was gentle and all the hardships of their fate takes humility. He does not complain about how hard it was not to him. In general, the film taught to be a man! And certainly only the highest score of this masterpiece.
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