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Discuss about the Wireless Transmission of Electricity.


Learning Outcome 1 -

The learning statement on the power utilization has helped to gain an in-depth understanding regarding the existing issues on the electricity supply system of New Zealand. From the learning statement, several electricity problems have been identified those are the most significant concern for the New Zealand people. The most important thing is that the electricity sector in New Zealand mainly utilizes the renewable sources of energy like the geothermal power, hydropower as well as increasingly wind energy. In today’s world, 75 % of the energy for the electricity generation is from the renewable energy sources by making this country one of the countries who is liable for the lowest carbon emission in regards to the generation of electricity. However, in spite of being successful in the power utilization this country has also faced several electricity issues. The failures in the high profile grid have obtained in Auckland in relation to the overloading network as well as its aging. All the countries around the world along with New Zealand are facing several serious problems regarding the way of securing the resources required for generating electricity as well as meeting the enhancing demand in association with the economic growth. The electricity companies should make a consideration regarding few factors like the differing conditions specific to every country, the environmental impacts issues, and the stability of the supply of fuel as well as the economic viability of each option. The optimized combination for the given area, balancing carefully the each source priorities is comprised of various possible sources of fuel such as hydropower, oil, coal, natural gas, nuclear as well as other renewable sources of energy coupled with the measures of the energy efficiency. From the learning statement, it can easily be understood that a more realistic appraisal of the large scale projects can result in the more quantitative as well as effective outcomes in the long term. On the other hand, the learning statement based on the power utilization has also helped in idemtifying the wasteful electric grids which transmit electricity as well as the impacts of those electricity grids on the safety as well as health of the animals as well as the human beings. In case of the wasteful electricity grids, the learning statement has easily helped to identify the renewable source of energy as these kinds of electric grids. The renewable energy is synonymous with the efficiency. The electricity generation with the help of the fossil fuels involves using the machines as well as labour for digging up the substances like the natural gas or natural gases hat look eons for forming. The inefficiencies in the new economic infrastructure are the significant issues in association with the wasteful electric grids. These particular wasteful electric grids can create a huge impact on the health of the human beings as well as the animals. These kinds of impacts are generally encountered as a result of the environmental impact of the electricity generation. Due to the climate change and the other environmental impact due to the wasteful electric grids, human beings and the animals can suffer from several diseases and moreover the environment where they are living would become unhealthier to lead their lives.

Learning Outcome 2 -

This learning statement based on the power utilization has also helped in investigating the existing system to supply electricity all over the world. Therefore, as per the learning statement, it can easily be understood that the electric power system is the electrical component network utilized for using, transferring as well as supplying the electric power. For an instance, the electric power system is nothing but the network that can supply the industry as well as homes of a region with power for the sizeable areas. This kind of power system is also called the grid as well as can broadly be segmented into the generators that can supply the power. The existing system of supplying electricity can create a wide range of impacts in the people’s lives all over the world. Most interesting as well as the most important factor in regards to the impact of the existing electric supply system is that it has played a significant role in terms of meeting the needs of the increasing population on this planet. The evolution of the electricity supply system has created a huge as well as a remarkable change in the regular lives of people all over the globe. From the very beginning of the invention of the electricity supply system, it has started changing the lifestyle of individuals as well as has made a significant revolution in the workplaces in the organizations. In this contemporary world, the existing system of supplying electricity is more capable of meeting the needs of the enhancing population in all over the world. The equipments those are made up of the existing system of supplying electricity have successfully met the needs of all the people over the globe. In case of the personal lives, people can easily get all the pleasures of the electricity supply system. From this particular learning statement, it has been clearly understood that the people over the globe are getting all sorts of advantages or benefits. In transport, personal lives, and homes as well as in the professional world or the corporate world and in the industries, people are getting all kinds of advantages. In the professional and corporate world as well as industries, people can easily execute their works with the help of the existing system of supplying electric in those professional places or in other words the workplaces. On the other hand, from this particular problem statement, a fact can be clearly understood that along with the advantages got from the existing system of supplying electricity, there are several shortcomings of these existing systems of supplying electricity which have become the significant barriers on the way of meeting the needs of people. The most significant shortcomings of existing system of supplying electricity in regards to meet the needs of the people over the globe is the environmental impact of the existing system of supplying electricity. Due to the negative environmental impacts of the existing system of supplying electricity, people all over the world can suffer from several major diseases. On the other hand, due to the negative environmental impact, the problems such as the climate change, global warming as well as the green house gas effects create a huge impact on the entire people’s lives worldwide that actually suppresses all the benefits of the existing system of supplying electricity in terms of meeting the needs of people on the planet. From the learning statement, it has been clearly understood that people should think about the ways with the help of which the shortcomings of existing system of supplying electricity can be overcome. The most important fact is that the awareness should be implemented among the people all over the world regarding the negative environmental impact of existing system of supplying electricity.

Learning Outcome 3 –

Solar energy: Solar energy is developed by synthesizing the radiation energy of the Sun. The solar rays consist of hydrogen power energy in the ultraviolet form. The green plants utilize the sun ray for producing their food. The solar energy of the sun is used for generating electricity and heat energy. Solar energy is used by most of the people across the globe. Most of the Sunlight is sent back into the space. Only one third of the solar energy is kept on the earth’s atmosphere. Rest of the sun rays are radiated back. The Sun rays are extracted by using the Solar thermal and photovoltaic cells. The solar energy can be classified into two types active and passive. The use of passive solar energy can be done by utilizing the position, duration and intensity of the sun rays fir heating a particular region. The active solar energy radiation is used for generating electrical and thermal energy. The benefits of using the solar energy are that the energy source is sustainable and renewable. It is natural source of energy and provides the energy source for the generation of electricity. It is noise free solution for the generation of power and electricity.

Wireless Transmission of Power: The wireless transmission of power can be used as a mean for transmitting the energy. It is a simple transmission of power source to the electrical load (for example: consuming device or power grid of the electricity). However the transmission does not require the use of any man made conducting devices. The transmission uses the transmission technologies such as electromagnetic fields and solenoid magnets. The transmitter is conducted to the power source and it conveys the field of energy across the intervening space in between the conductance materials. The wireless power generation falls into two categories such as radioactive and non radioactive. The non radioactive techniques consist of power transfer using the magnetic fields (inductive coupling technique in between the wire coiled). The radioactive technique uses the far field application for the energy transmission. The far field is termed as power beaming. The energy in this technique is being transmitted in the form of laser or microwave beams. The benefits of using the wireless power generation are its waterproof and lack of physical hardware. The device uses wireless conductance for transmitting the energy and hence it does not have any fear of getting attack from physical harms.

Wind Energy: The wind energy generation is a popular method for power generation without affecting the natural environment. The process consists of generating the power by using the force of wind motion. The force of the wind is used for rotating the fans of the windmill. The windmill fans in turn rotate the motor for generating power. In this process the win potential energy is converted into the mechanical energy. The mechanical energy is converted to produce electric energy. The kinetic energy would be used for producing the electric energy. The generation of wind is done due to the uneven heating in the earth’s atmosphere and the variation in the surface temperature of the earth. The turbines would be used for the energy generation. The equation for the wind power generation is:

P=1/2*(?AV^3) (where P is power generated, ? is the density, A is the area and v is the velocity)

The main advantage of using the wind energy is that it is a clean power generation technology. The wind power generation would not affect the environment. It is also sustainable in nature and the resource of power generation is abundant in nature. The cost effectiveness of the wind power generation is another benefit of using it for power generation. It provides the chances for power generation with provision for employment at the wind mills.

Learning Outcome 4 –

The best non exhaustible power generation solution is the hydro power generation. It is the cheapest and cleanest power resource that has been synthesized in the present world. It is an innovation technology of power generation with maximum potential. It can exploit the hydro power potential for supplying strength to those country territories with very little access to core power reserves and sources. It additionally disposes the greater part of the negative natural impacts connected with huge hydro projects. The vitality in the streaming water can be utilized to deliver power. Waves result from the collaboration of the twist with the surface of the ocean and speak to an exchange of vitality from the twist to the ocean. Vitality can be extricated from tides by making a repository or bowl behind a torrent and after those going tidal waters through turbines in the blast to produce power. The hydro power can be synthesized by using the dams, tidal wave and reservoirs. The hydro power generation is a simple procedure. The water is stored at a higher altitude by making brick wall in the form of dams and reserves.

Due to the storage of water body at higher altitude, a potential energy is stored in the water body. When the water is allowed to flow from higher to lower height, the potential water energy is converted to kinetic energy. The kinetic power energy is used for generating electrical energy. The tidal waves of the oceans and seas also have stored potential energy that can be synthesized for generating power energy. The energy is obtained by developing the storage of waves and tides at the coasts. It would be benefit for synthesizing the power using the tidal energy. The advantages of using the hydropower are that it has clean and compact process for power generation. There would be no chance for polluting the atmosphere or environment. The production of the hydro power could be done domestically. Hence it would give benefit for producing the power by using the hydro power. The vitality produced through hydropower depends on the water cycle, which is driven by the sun, making it a renewable power source, making it a more solid and reasonable source than fossil energizes that are quickly being drained. Impoundment hydropower makes repositories that offer an assortment of recreational open doors, outstandingly angling, swimming, and sailing.

Most water power establishments are required to give some community to the repository to permit the general population to exploit these open doors. Some hydropower offices can rapidly go from zero energy to most extreme yield. Since hydropower plants can produce energy to the framework instantly, they give vital move down power amid real power blackouts or interruptions. Notwithstanding a feasible fuel source, hydropower endeavours deliver various advantages, for example, surge control, water system, and water supply.

Hence it can be implied that the power resources of future can be benefited by the use of hydro power generation. The ease of hydro power generation would make it sustainable to use. It would decrease the issues of power shortage in future. The limited resources of coal and petroleum power consumption could be exhausted if it is continued at the present rate of consumption. Hence it is important for keeping the hydro power as a subsidiary power source. The natural resource is limited and it can be saved by using the hydropower energy generation. The hydro power generation also have economic benefits. The source is naturally available and it does not cost much for synthesizing the power resources. It would also help in decreasing the rate of power supply for general use. The industries can use it for decreasing their cost of production.

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