Will Phil Heath Going To Win Mr. Olympia 2018 Again? Essay

Phillip Jerrod Heath also known as Phil Heath is a bodybuilder by profession and winner of the title Mr. Olympia 2017 to his name. With a wide and very successful record of becoming Mr. Olympia 7 timesfrom 2011 through 2017, sharing the number of victories with Arnold Schwarzenegger, again a winner ofthe title Mr. Olympia 7 times. Phil takes start of his passion as a career in 2002. Not so far, in 2005, heachieved the trophy of USA champions at National Physique Committee. It was a greater achievementbecause now he is eligible to participate in IFBB Pro and within two years he claimed IFBB professionalevents to his name, which was not very far away either. This kind of hard work and building of careercan lead to such extraordinary beings. These two championships were named as; The Colorado ProChampionships and The New York Pro Championship. Heath scored a fifth at Arnold Classic. Phil Heathwas at that point capable of entering Mr. Olympia 2007 and compete, as per the rules, he was qualifiedenough to, but he decided not to compete. He focused his part on getting to form and to take time inorder to perfect it. Heath claimed the 2008 Iron man show and secured a second position next to Dexter Jackson at theArnold Classic 2008. When first time, heath competed for Mr. Olympia in 2008, he scored third position.

In 2009, he secured fifth position to his name at Mr. Olympia 2009. After which he took a wild jump upto the second position at Mr. Olympia 2010. At Mr. Olympia 2011, he wore the crown of Mr. Olympiasecuring 1 st position and the journey has not ended as he has been securing the crown of Mr. Olympiaever since, which earned him a great place at the competition and even better at the hearts of the fans. Everyone is rooting for Phil Heath to claim his 8 th victory in a row in order to break his tie with Arnoldand gain a whole new level. As his fans, everyone else too, are anticipating the big day of Saturday where he competed for the titleat the Las Vegas Convention center. The word is this competition is going to be stiff for him as well. Butthis victory will be a success for him and it will act as a booster for his career as well, as he will bealigned with Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman, past competitors with a record of 8 wins at Mr. Olympia. It has been a great journey for Heath as he had scored so much to his name as a bodybuilder and itseems unlikely that he does not claim that crown again in 2018.

The competitorsIn one of his posts on Instagram, he posted how it feels good to him to be able to reflect the everyachievement of legends like Coleman and Haney. This though, is not written in stone, the crown can slipaway from Heath in the competition, which brightens up hope for his competitors. As it can be seen thatin history there have been only two men who could score Mr. Olympia 8 times and claim the title. Thecompetitor to keep focus on is Elssbiay, he scored 2 nd position at Mr. Olympia 12 months ago alongsidePhil Heath. He has competed at five Mr. Olympia before and every time that he competed, he hasbettered his position. All the previous competitions and his performance in them can be a game changerthis year and he might claim that prize to his name. Apart from that, the actual rivalry which was given full attention was between Phil Heath and Kai Green,who is also known as the predator. These two massive, talented monsters have been taking their war ofegos with them throughout and as the word goes around, this rivalry was under the spotlight most in2013. Though after 2014, the war and competition ended between the two of them, that year was thelast one in the battle of egos.

In 2015, Kai was listed in the actual list of competitors but was not to beseen in the actual competition. When offered in 2017, Kai refused to compete at Mr. Olympia. As for thefact goes, Kai was the actual rival of Heath, but since he is not competing, the eyes are set of Elssbiay. While there stand a lot of people still on the field to be taken over by Heath, it is real tough competitionas well. Cedric McMillan has been a great deal last year, as he scored the top position at Arnold Classic2017, he is believed to have the potential to take the Sandow slip it away from Heath. Brandon Curry. Though the question arises how, as we look in to the last year’s Mr. Olympia, where hescored 8 th position, which went a bit of blow over for fans, as his training videos kept making a hit on theinternet as he kept posting them, though it is possible as a lot of youth is cheering for him, he mightscore higher this year and he might even win the battle of Sandow. Dexter Jackson, The Blade is also a heavy competition, he scored his position in 2008 at Mr. Olympia andeven at age 48, he is in form and the platform of Mr. Olympia is not foreign enough for him to lose. Hehas claimed a lot of bodybuilding titles to his name, more than any other bodybuilder. With his past inOlympia, he has a greater chance for win too.

These and other competitions of Heath have the potential of taking him over and getting the crown thisyear whereas Heath has the potential to secure the title to his name. This win will be a massive one forHeath as he will be set on a new record reaching up to the maximum heights that this title can take himto.

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