Wifi names Essay

The names that our Wi - Fi routers usually bring are pretty dull, referring to the name of the operator or something like MyFiber (whose else?). Luckily we can change both the name of the SSIDand the password by entering the configuration of our router. Thanks to having a funny name for WiFi , our network will be easier to identify, as well as we will generate a laugh to whoever visits us.

When we talk about wireless networks, we include in this topic the names so peculiar that their owners usually place them. Nowadays, in an age where 90% of daily situations are carried out through the Internet, it is common to see other people do the impossible to obtain Internet, even if they steal their neighbors' Wi-Fi.

But there are always those who think they are smarter and with their occurrences they pretend to frighten those who even think about making use of their Internet connection for free without even asking for authorization from the owners, which is true that it is something improper.

Here we present 15 people who decided in a hilarious and humorous way to use their creativity to put their wireless networks the most witty names ... and why not? They took the opportunity to send a hint also to their neighbors.

Funny names for WiFi

To change the name of the WiFi network we have to go to the configuration of our router through the classic IP . Here it depends on the brand, but there is usually a WiFi section where there is a box called Wi-Fi Name, or SSID . There we can write the name we want, and we recommend some. The maximum limit is 32 characters (including spaces).

56 Kbps connection, or [Operator] -56Kbps

Free virus



I wish this WiFi was fiber

Wi-Fi payment

Police station

Barracks of the Civil Guard

I have a sniffer and I know how to use it

Win32 / TrojanDownloader.Nymaim.BA, Win32 / GenKryptik.BMFV, Win32 / Injector.DVCX or any virus name that comes to mind.

Error 404 Wi-Fi not available

Connection not available

Obi-WAN Kenobi

LAN Solo

LANdo Calrissian

Martin Router King

Stwi-fi Wonder

The one of [your apartment number] makes me horny

The drug comes out, the Wi-Fi does not

Bitcoin to $ 100",000 in 2020

Club hostess in the [floor number]

LANnister House

A Lanister always pays for Wi-Fi

Mom uses this

I Believe Wi can Fi

FBI surveillance van, FBI Surveillance Van (in English, more). If you are changing the number from time to time it will be more disturbing.

CIA Secret Station



Connecting ...

Access denied

Format Windows

It Hurts When IP

I hate my neighbors

I am behind you

I'm under your bed

Abraham Linksys

Alt + F4 to connect

Wi-Fi disconnected

Wi-Fi blocked by default

Office of the NSA 546

Your Wi-Fi is in another castle

We hear you having sex

I have seen you naked

Get hooked to this 8 ==== D

The Wi-Fi below goes faster

Stealing Wi-Fi is illegal - CGPJ

Insecure network

It's WiFi, friend

It is good to try to avoid provocative names (although if you want to be original you have to be provocative in some cases) to call the attention of someone who may try to hack our WiFi network , although with the future WPA3 they will have it impossible. Also use names that are unique to avoid confusion with your neighbors , and do not include personal information as much as possible.

Do you have two WiFi networks of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz? Funny names in couple

If you have fiber, you most likely have two networks at home: a 2.4 GHz one with more range and less speed, and a 5 GHz one with less range but which allows you to get the most out of your fiber connection. Putting a name related to each other in both networks is also a good idea, such as characters or iconic couples from our favorite movies and series:

Never gonna give you up / Never gonna let you down

The blood

Morty Smith

Chandler Bing

The worst Wi-Fi in the world / The 2nd worst Wi-Fi in the world

Searching / Not found

WiFi for cats photos / WiFi for dog photos

If you happen to one more do not hesitate to leave it in the comments.

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