Why You Need To Plan SEO To Tackle Online Reputation Essay

Have you ever planned to face bitter part of online reputation? If not, you start today. Online Reputation Management is challenge for any organisation, Celebrities, Famous personalities or Individuals. With the easy access of internet and social media sites customer can put your brands on stake. One can write Negative feedback, Reviews comments or write blogs against any brand or individuals. When you start business, you should plan for all these challenges.

Don’t Be an relaxed when you mess with your customer

Don’t wait and see If the google search ranking of negative content go away on their own. It is crucial to deal with Negative content against your brand. Damaging content on first page of your brnad’s search result page can impact on company revenue and expansion in multiple ways.

  • Sales – Potential customers searching for information of your company may look for your competitors because of negative review or content in first page of Google SERP.
  • Partnerships – Your partners or Business alliances may look out for alliance with your competitors who has better reputation online.
  • Funding – Investors has to dig deeper to get information and have to think twice before investing on your Idea or products.
  • Employee retention – Employee turnover and hiring expenses increase when develop bad reputation
  • Hire Skills – You will not be able to hire best skills in the industry if they find negative review on your brand.
  • Market Capitalization – A company’s stock price may fall as investors flee for safer investments, wiping out shareholder value.

While most crisis recovery plans involve many strategies and detailed steps, SEO will have the most significant impact on online reputation.

Why Negative content always on top of SERP?

When unhappy customers start writing negative comments about your brand. They wanted to make maximum dent on your brand or image. They always choose high traffic sites and profiles to write against you. When other customers write comments and share your negative content which will have strong with links and traffic.

Utilize Digital Marketing to Boost Brand Reputation

If you understand how google works you can easily make out why negative content dominates a brand’s search results following a crisis, and how to recover. Google’s algorithm uses hundreds of ranking signals to determine the most relevant web pages for each search query. One such signal is topical relevance. Through repetition, search engines use topical relevance to draw connections between concepts even if they were previously unrelated. As a result, Google may start favoring content about a corporate crisis if thousands of articles were recently published connecting the brand with the event.

Strategies to deal with Online Reputation

  1. Create Brand presence – Create strong brand presence for your brand. Build and engage customers and prospects regularly. Publish content through social profiles and web2. 0 sites. Create brand presence in influencer sites like LinkedIn, Twitter
  2. Engage customers and audience – Engage your active online customers and audience through social and other profiles. Publish and promote company goals and achievements. Celebrate events and festivals with engaging content.
  3. Incentivise customers – Share coupons and discounts for your targeted audience. Make them to become your brand ambassadors. Share their happiness and celebrate with them.
  4. Listen customers problem & Act – Listen your customers problem when they buy your products or services. Act them with apology message and consider them as king. More you pamper your customer lower the voice. If you act quickly with apology message unhappy customers will lower their voice and ask for support.

Promote Your Best Online Content

Hopefully, you’ve secured some great piece of company mentions during your digital marketing campaigns. Determine which mentions you want ranking on the first page of Google, then share these articles with your social channels to increase visibility and build high-quality backlinks to them. If you have any editorial say when it comes to content, ask the publisher to include your brand name in the article’s title to help improve rankings. SEO and digital marketing are the main engines that drive an effective reputation management strategy. If you’re smart, you won’t wait until your company is in the hot seat to start implementing them, either. Taking a proactive approach to brand protection allows you to groom the best beach possible for attracting potential customers. It will also be much easier to clean up the mess after a storm.

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