Why Students Should Be Required To Have A Fine Art Credit To Graduate Essay

Art is found all around us, even in something as small as a butterfly’s wing. Students deserve the chance to be able to see the art around them. We hear from many people how their major does not need art, so they shouldn’t have to take a fine art credit. However, art helps enhance your observation skills, and in every career, you are required to be observant. For example, a nurse needs to be very observant with their patient, or they could miss something very important. Texas State should require students to have a fine art credit to graduate. Art gives a student the opportunity to be creative, try something new, and gain empathy. A fine art credit gives students a chance to be creative and use creative thinking. When getting this credit, there are many different types of classes a student could choose from. There is a high potential that a student will find a class they enjoy.

Art may also show students that they have a creative side; in which they may have not known. Art is known to help alleviate stress, and most college students need to de-stress. Painting help release inner emotions, music helps relax, and dancing is exercise, which releases endorphins. As Plato said, “Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything else”.

Art isn’t just paintings and poetry, it is a way of life and without it, the world would be bleak. Requiring a fine art credit makes a student step out of their comfort zone and experience something new. Students have a wide variety of classes they could take that would fulfill their fine art credit, and more than likely will be able to pick one they enjoy.

Some examples of fine art credit classes you could take are different types of dance, music, theater and several others. When finding a class that is enjoyable, it can open a new world and show you a different side of things. Without requiring this, students may not take the opportunity presented to them to take a fine art class. If they miss this opportunity, then they may miss their chance at expanding their knowledge.

Taking an art class can also increase your mind and show you different parts of the world. There are paintings of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, music from England, poetry from Ireland, dances from Mexico and many more. Art creates empathy, as Yo-Yo Ma writes, “Empathy is the ultimate quality that acknowledges our identity as members of one human family”. In every job, you are required to be human; you need empathy. Empathy not only gives you the ability to see others point of view but having empathy may also help you understand complex problems and be able to solve them.

Along with empathy, art also lets the students tap into their inner emotions. They are able to freely express themselves and those emotions. In poetry for example, people are able to write down what they are feeling in a creative and different way.

Students should be required to have a fine art credit to graduate Texas State University. Having a mandatory fine art credit can help a student find a specific type of art that brings them joy. Art can also let a student be more creative and explore their emotions. Finally, students have a chance to leave their comfort zone, learning new things along the way, including empathy.

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