Why people are interested in beer pong. Essay

There are a few games that aim only being drunk. The games are played in restaurants, bars or in private places where the parties are. The Beer Pong game seems to be par excellence.

Some people may wonder what Beer Pong is. It is really an interesting and very popular game among youngsters. Not only playing it, watching the game without being a part in it is also makes a fun.

Things to know when you play Beer Pong.

There are some tools that you must have to play this. In first, you need a rectangle shaped table. In second you need to have beer cups. You can use as many as them, but the appropriate number is ten. You must have to arrange the cups into a triangle shape. Anyone can put four cups first, three cups next, two again and one cup at last.

Then you need two balls. They are tennis balls. You can buy them in a shop asking as white ping pong balls. They can bump and go to wherever you throw it. You need such a better qualified tool if you need to be successful.

It is better if you find two cups of water too. Be careful not to use the same colour of your beer cups. If you know about being drunk, you may understand that when you keep drinking beer again and again, you may get out of clear mind and will end up drinking the water cups too. The water cups are used to wash your balls and I think you can understand that very soon, the clean water becomes a cup that full of cat’s hair, dust and much other dirt. No one wants to be sick at the end of a really funny game.

Remember to fill your cups with beer before you start the game. Also notice that how much drunk you want to be. If you need to be less drunk and have more fun, fill the cups quarter. Otherwise you can get half filled cups.

Usually people like to use red beer cups for this game. It is like a tradition. But don't worry. Everybody doesn't have red cups. Therefore you can use any colour. But remember it is better that all the cups are in the same colour.

Rules of Beer Pong.

Actually there are some rules for this game. If someone needs to change them, he can discuss with other players and change them. They say that the owner makes the rules. If you are in someone’s house, automatically he becomes the ruler.

The owner throws the first ball. He owns the both of them. If there is no owner, you can do rock-paper-scissor game and decide the first one who throws the balls. Or you can fill a cup looking at your opposite (keeping eye contact), fill first and get the balls first.

If the ball fall into a cup that owns to your opposite group, they have to drink the beer in the cup. You must throw the both balls. But be careful not to put the both into one cup. If you do it, you are out. Then you have to give the balls to the opposite side.

Remember to throw your balls into the middle. You can use either direct throw, bump throw or under arm throw. Change the cups into the diamond shape if you left only four cups. Again change them into a line, if you got only two.

How to play Beer Pong.

Then let it go… Throw your balls into cup which are placed on the other side of the table.

The group who had to drink all the beer cups, loses. The side who saves at least one beer cup, wins.

Beer Pong tables are important. You have to find a kind of smooth surface. It can be made of anything. Wood, metal or plastic. But must be smooth so that your ping pong balls will bump on it.

You can play with one competitor. Or there will be two people. If you have two of you in each side, you can change the turn of throwing the ping pong.

Giant Beer Pong.

This is same as the usual game, but they use large baskets for it. This cannot be played inside. It can be played in the garden, in a beach or on an empty road too if you want.

They use only six buckets for this one. There are ready-made bucket packs. You can order them online. They will bring the buckets and the balls pack direct into your house. They are red too. And the balls are white, yellow or sometimes green. Actually they are not ping pong balls in size. The balls looks like a volleyball. You have to gather it with your both hands.

The rules are the same. Throw a ball into a bucket. If you are able to put one, the opposite person has to remove the bucket. The team who removed all the buckets, gets lost.

The first game can be played by adults only. Or only the people who are allowed to drink beer. Also you have to arrange a place without teetotallers.

This one is not like that. You don't have to think of any teetotallers. Though the name starts with Beer, it is hard to find any beer in these buckets. Just imagine you drinking a giant beer barrel at once… Sorry, it doesn't feel better…

Here you can use water to fill the buckets. Or you can use sand easily if you are in a beach. However the thing you use to fill the buckets must be a bit heavy. Otherwise it cannot bear the ball and stand straight.

Some people try to play this in water. It will give you a different experience. In that case you may need a rack made for the appropriate purpose.


You do not always need a pong table to play the Beer Pong. The giant one only needs the floor. It is really fun. We are sure that anyone can have an enjoyable time if they try this game.

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