Why Masters Of Information System (MIS)? Essay

Since, I come from the IT background the course will help me to boost my foundation with practical knowledge. I do have some knowledge about majority of the courses of MIS. So, it might come beneficial for me. The course will provide me with the opportunity to extend my knowledge and skills in Information system, with a focus on business analysis skills at a professional level. Within the highly relevant framework I will be prepared to contribute to future growth and change. The course will provide me with the skills and knowledge on technology along with its implementation on business and management. My Course The program that I have intended to study at CQU is Master of Information Systems which is two years of full time course. For this program, CQU has 3 intakes in a year i.e. on March, July and November. The availability of this course is in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Rock Hampton as well.

The course is recognized by Australian Computer Society (ACS). It has 96 credit points.

Number of core units: 11 with 72 credit points:

  • Professional Skills in Information Communication Technology
  • Information Systems Analysis and Design
  • Project Management Concepts
  • Introduction to Programming
  • ICT Services Management
  • Database Design and Development
  • E-Business Systems
  • Knowledge Audits for Business Analysis
  • Business Process Management
  • Business Intelligence using Big Data
  • Postgraduate ICT Internship
  • Information Systems Project.

Under Core subjects there are 3 streams (Minor). They are:

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Networks and Information Security
  • Software Design and Development.

I will study Software Design and Development as my minor. I will do 10 weeks of internship during my study period. Internship will allow me to build network in Information System field and it will help in my career. I will work in an organization of my study area and it will allow me gain work experience too. I will be more skillful and it will get practical knowledge from the Internship program.

Career Goal

After completing my course I will return back my homeland and will start my career here. Knowledge, experience, and training which I got from Central Queensland University will make me to stand as an ICT service manager, Programmer, software engineer, Network and Security Specialist, project manager and IT consultant in various IT companies of Nepal.

Initially After returning home I will visit some top IT companies of Nepallike Harati Software www.harati.com.np, Nepal Media Network Pvt. Ltd. www.nepalmedia.com ,IT Security Nepal, www.itsecuritynepal.com , Cloud Factory ( www.cloudfactory.com) and try to work here being software engineer, initially I will start my job as assistant software designer, junior software developer etc. By doing so, I can earn from NPR 40,000 to 50,000 per month at initial days but after some work experience that value will likely to be increased ( Source: www.studentsnepal.com/information-technology-jobs-it-career-in-nepal). From junior level software engineer, software engineer, mid-level engineer to senior software engineer.

A software engineer earns in six figures. If I do good I can even be the country manager in these outsourcing companies, I know few people who earn around 1,000,000 NPR as a country manager in Nepal. Along with it my salary as well as other facilities like bonus, vehicles facility also will be added. International degree such as Australian Degree is given high priority in Nepal. My foreign degree as well as work experience will easily help me to grab the opportunity. For this purpose, there are many online job portals of Nepal such as www.merojob.com, www.merocareer.com, www.merorojgari.com, www.jobsnepal.com, www.onlinejobs.comand different national daily such as Kantipur Daily, Gorakhapatra Dainik etc. frequently publishes job vacancies and I will look for this all. Also Government of Nepal publishes vacancies from time to time for government job through Lok Sewa Ayog (Public Service Commission) www.psc.gov.npand I will apply for it.

I can even teach in the schools and colleges. Nowadays, every sector like education, health and medicine, industries etc. have IT Department and they looked for IT professional. So, there is high need of IT specialist in Nepal and even I can work as a part time officer in different institution.

After getting some work experience, I will seek more opportunities in big and well reputed industrial groups like CG group, Golchha Organizations, Uniliver Nepal Limited, etc. as well as National as well as multinational Banks like Standard Chartered Bank, Nabil Bank, etc. as senior IT technician.

After working with them for 5 years, I expect to earn Nrs 80, 000-1,20,000 per month as salary. I have chance to work with telecommunication organizations such as Nepal Telecom, NCELL etc. who pay a good salary.

Besides this, there are many donor agencies like UN, Action Aid Nepal, UNICEF, UNDP etc. which are running different projects and programs here in our country and they also demand for IT specialist. I have known that these organizations pay a good payment to their staffs and I have options to work here as well. By working in these, I can make a handsome salary from 85,000 to 120,000 which is really good money. Hence, after working here for few years (5-7 years), I can recover all the abroad study investments.

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