Why kids love robogarden Essay

Why kids love RoboGarden Importance of Playing: Playing is very important for a child's growth and enhances the child's skills which help him in Exploration, Facing challenges and Search. Mixing educational content quality with gamified learning is a very important step to create the kid's passion to learn how to achieve the goal. Each game provides a good environment for stimulation and discipline on the other which teach kids to Self-reliance, developing business strategies, Encourage to stay ready to discuss its performance and Ready to compete. Kid's Interests: Today’s Kids are excellent at using technology but they can waste a lot of time playing with mobile phones, laptops and I pad where Robots, Music, bright colors, Sweets and various scenes take whole their attention. RoboGarden fights monotony of learning. RoboGarden seeks to enhance a kid's passion for coding through not also adding Kid's Interests in the educational content but also designing gamified Journeys to teach kids a specific curriculum and provide them with all necessary information that they must learn while playing. This enjoyable learning will increase the child's enthusiasm and desire to learn rather than the traditional methods that only give them boredom and routine. Magic of RoboGarden RoboGarden has achieved a difficult equation in making education fun using the latest educational methods to attract kids and maximize their educational benefits while playing by: 1. All the kids adore playing with robots, so you'll find your friend's robot "Robo" wait for you at RoboGarden to collect the candies and solve the mission together. 2. RoboGarden has designed 13 gamified journeys that divided into Blockly and Textual that kids will enjoy. 3. Designing number of wonderful activities like “Candy Shop” and “Tasty but Healthy”. 4. RoboGarden has launched various apps like “RoboFellow –Playground” in both versions IOS and Android. And the latest app is Guru in Android. 5. Hour of code at RoboGarden through a STEAM curriculum with the same enjoyable style of RoboGarden. 6. Journeys and Activities are full of colorful assets like Donuts, CupCakes, Lolipop, ballon and other beautiful assets. 7. The scene is constantly changing according to the Journey from the birthday scene, Moon, Snowman, Golden, to Volcanic Scene. 8. While playing, kids can listen to beautiful music as background for more fun. RoboGarden is not teaching just coding but also teaches critical thinking and problem-solving. It is not a platform but also a wonderful world for your kid…Register now for free.

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