Why is Water Essential for Life on Earth? Essay

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There is absolutely no life on the planet without water. Life most likely started in water. From conception to delivery, a kid is natured in a sac of water (amniotic) fluid) which protects and cushions the foetus against physical harm. The birth of a kid is heralded by the “breaking of waters” after a young child is given on breast-milk that will be 90per cent water (Nagin, 2008).Definition of waterWater in its pure kind is a clear, colourless, odourless and tasteless liquid. It may occur in three states of matter, specifically solid (ice), liquid and gas (vapour). The chemical formula for water is H20 which will be interpreted as 2 hydrogen atoms and oxygen in a ratio 2:1.The diagram below illustrates the formula for water utilizing symbols: (Iowa State University)…show more content…

It's an important part of commercial and industrial development.Water is important for the presence of plant and animal life. Rainfall is responsible for the growth of wild grasses and trees which often help protect the earth area from soil erosion emanating from effects of wind and rainfall action. Crazy grasses are an all natural way to obtain animal feed. Grasses may also be employed for different purposes particularly thatching roofs and weaving. Rainfall normally critically very important to dry-land crop manufacturing; which can be as major supply of meals and commercial plants like tobacco, cotton and pyrethrum.Properties of waterWater has unique physical and chemical properties most of them significant in biology. An extremely small amount of the Earth’s water is included within biological systems and manufactured services and products. The mind is 85 % water. Neat and fresh drinking water is essential to human as well as other life kinds. The adult body is in need of a typical 2-3 litre of water everyday to work correctly. This quantity is based on the level of task, temperature, moisture and also the body’s physical state whether fit or unfit therefore the existence of condition process. The majority of the water is ingested in meals and sleep is taken directly as clear water. Water is a vital solvent by which most of the bodies’ solute dissolves. It plays a crucial role in kcalorie burning (VEFPSA, 2009). (i) in digestion — by assisting the break down of food into

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