Why Is the War on Drugs a Failed Policy? Example of an Argumentative Essay

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exactly why is the War on medications a Failed Policy? Exemplory instance of an Argumentative Essay

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President Nixon declared war on drugs in 1971. The policies formed to propel this war formed part of the Comprehensive drug use Prevention and Control Act of 1970. The main notion in these policies would be to ensure the absolute prohibition of drug use within the boundaries regarding the usa. Nixon’s administration also introduced federal demand reduction and medications programs which replaced both to 10 years imprisonment which was initially established by the government. The preceding law ended up being imposed on anyone who could be present control of marijuana. In 1982, CIA and army engagement ended up being pressed to simply help fight the war on medications.

Regardless of the wide speculations your war on medications indicates an extraordinary change in the accomplishment of its goals, how many those whose everyday lives are influenced by drugs is increasing day by day. The worldwide drug lords are too strong the United States federal government policies to prevent. The war on drugs is a failed policy, and brand new policies should be set up to control this menace in the world.

The number of drug cartels was growing not just in the usa but additionally in other countries, like Mexico, India, Brazil, and Columbia, and others. From this upsurge of cartels, the government tries to implement its policies. The very first objective associated with the war on medication policies is always to guarantee a drug-free environment. The United States government formed these policies about forty years ago with an intention to eliminate the use of drugs within the culture positively. This objective has not been recognized to date. There is not an individual state in the usa which includes accomplished this goal, that is, to be announced medication free (Drug Policy analysis Center, 3). The goal of the drug policy of creating a drug-free country has consequently terribly did not produce any fresh fruit.

The policies on war drugs have actually always unsuccessful due to the fact, for one fact, the usa federal government has thought that a rise in the number of medication prisoners is an indicator of success inside war. For instance, on December 31, 2011, the federal report showed that 94, 600 individuals were serving their term as medication offenders, this was the category with all the highest number of offenders accompanied by general public purchase offenses at 69,000 (Carson & Sabol, 10). In medication offenders on parole, the season 2011 had 33% (about 281,771 people) of 853,852 people on probation had been drug offenders (Maruschak & Parks,18). These figures show that certainly the populace of American prisons is quite high.

The figures also justify that the policy approach directed at the war on medications has financial consequences, specially about those people who are incarcerated. As an example, treatment of drug victims in the neighborhood prices at $20,000 lower than incarceration per individual in a year (Justice Policy Institute, 8). This suggests that a lot of cash is invested in incarceration which imposes a giant burden regarding taxpayers whom compensate the United states populace.

Regardless of the government’s claim that it offers upped the enforcement associated with legislation to suppress the use of psychoactive drugs in the nation, this fact will not reciprocate the truth regarding the drug situation. For one, many people are imprisoned for having been caught eating, producing or dispersing these medications in the nation. But this does not supply the ultimate solution to the menace. In fact, the regulations on drugs have actually just became too stringent given that the total amount of marijuana traded in the united states has tremendously increased since 2011 (Kelly, 1). Despite these laws and regulations being put into spot, the government has did not entirely stop the importation of cannabis from Mexico, that they have actually caused by an enormous boost in this medication in the county. The guidelines the us government has made to fight this war on medications aren't effective sufficient, and sensible amendments of those guidelines very necessitate attention in the united states. This just means that the nation is making further actions to the medication core.

The drug (marijuana) seizure in the nation happens to be considered one of many successes by the government regarding the war against medications. Reports show that in year 2009, the us government seized a higher quantity of marijuana than Mexico, where in actuality the drug working has been more prominent than the United States for a long time. From a vital perspective, this will not necessitate any party, at all. We can't rely on this knowledge as a yardstick for determining what lengths the usa government has gone to make sure that the nation is drug-free, or at the very least, has its consumption level of these medications lowered. This report just implies that regardless of the attempts by the government to suppress this issue, the medication is not only widely consumed in the united states, it is mainly produced…

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