Why Is Teamwork Significant for Communication? Essay

Teamwork is a critical part of culture change and innovation. Training, communication and trust are important component of effective team work. Effective work teams will need to have effective training. Managers and employees will need to have the proper training provided to them in order to get buy-in and elimnates confusing. According to Miller, “change is about human behavior and because human behavior and willingness to change are influenced by dozens of different forces—organizational structures, performance appraisal systems, work routines, cultures, personal and business relationships, and ongoing demands from different people and groups within the company—training departments are in a strong position to integrate the different elements and guide senior management through change initiatives.” (Miller, 2010) By implementation of an effective training program will structure and will begin to foster teamwork. Training will allow all levels of the organization to know and be armed with knowledge to be able to do a great job with the change that will be coming.

Communication will be an essential part of the procedures for the team. Communication will be benefiting all parts of the organizations. Communication is allowing each department to be able to understand what each other will be responsible for and allow sharing of knowledgeable and procedures. Communications are two parts process process according to Bevan, “Communication. Facilitate an effective two-way flow of information; be aware of issues and questions; provide timely responses. Tracking: Establish clear goals; assess progress against these; adjust and fine-tune as necessary.” (Bevan, 2011) These two steps are important part of the change process, because communication allows a dialogue between managers and employees while that will promote greater team work and trust. Tracking allows each department to track their progress and this will also allow managers to track the process of his or her team.

Trust is a part of the living system that can hinder or help the success of the change. As human beings, change is difficult to cope with. People do get complacent with what they know. However, as the economy, technology, environmental and political are changes that will make companies to shift their focuses. For examples, many companies have been evaluating their employees’ bases on results rather than customer service and result driven. Therefore this is an important change in the teamwork dynamics. According to Dervitsiotis, “Developing trust in a relationship is an organic process, taking place over time from a series of repeated interactions. There are three distinct requirements for building a trusting relationship: A perception of goodwill (or benevolence) toward the other party; A perception of competence; Reinforcing actions over time, leading to behavioral reliability.” (Dervitsiotis, 2003) These three steps allow managers and employees to develop a trust within work teams. Goodwill and benevolence develops from communications between work departments. Most cases departments are concern about completing their part of the task, however, overlook how their product will relate to others within the organization, by communicating will allow that. Competence comes from great training on the change process; knowledge will become great tools for each member of the team. Knowing that your partners are competent will greatly benefit the overall trust. Finally, reinforcing actions and also having members of management encourage their employees and work teams.

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