Why Is Perseverance So Important? Essay

Perseverance is an important characteristic to develop

Look at that kid, he is so mad. He just got asked to do a simple little job. I think he needs to develop perseverance.

Why is Perseverance and important thing to develop? I mean, what is so great about it? Well, lets start by defining Title of our writing. “Perseverance is an important thing to develop” Ok, well Perseverance means to keep going on the task that you have been given or chose and what ever the obstacles are you just still go. So keep on going and do not give up.

How about Characteristic? What does that mean?

Characteristic means about the person like ‘his characteristics are he is funny, lazy, happy ECT.

Develop? To develop means to inherit, advance, evolve. Now we know what our heading is about, lets move on.

I think Perseverance is an important thing to develop in many ways. If you have not developed perseverance, and someone has asked you to do a difficult or boring job, well you could just get so bored or annoyed that you just lose it and get really angry and do a really slack job of it. I have to admit, I do that sometimes too and so I want to and am trying to develop perseverance so that, I will not be known as a bad kid as a cry baby among my friends or so that when I get a job say as a guard just to sit outside everyday and do nothing but guard the place I can do it happily and it will not be a hard job.

Perseverance is hard to develop. It takes years to master. For example, Piano practices. It may be boring at the beginning and it takes years of practice to sound good and actually enjoy it. But if you learn to win against perseverance you will be able to learn and play well after you have done a lot of practices and you will enjoy it. But that is a hard thing to overcome. My brother Jack has mastered piano practices and is really good. So you may as well say he has mastered perseverance. When he is asked to do a job he will obediently just do it with no complaint.

How can perseverance be helpful? Perseverance can be very helpful. Say you get up and go jogging everyday in the morning. Perseverance can keep you fit in that way. Where as you don’t go on jogs you can become unfit if your trying to get a goal to be very skinny and keep jogging to keep fit, well you might fail your goal. If you were planning on going to work to get money but you had a choice of going or not and you just do not go, you could lose a heap of money or get fired where as if you go, you can collect more money and might get promoted to a more advanced level and get more money.

So, Perseverance is a very important thing for many of those reasons and I bet if you thought about it, you could think of many more reasons why perseverance is an important thing to have.

So that is why I am trying to master perserverance and learn to have lots of fun by using it. Wouldn’t you agree?

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