Why in life of pi pi’s experiences in childhood was a major contribution to his survival Essay

Life of Pi by Yann Martel

Did you know that self-belief and hard work will always earn you success? In Life of Pi by Yann Martel Pi lasted 227 days on sea through hard work and painful effort and eventually came out successful. A wise man once said “It is only through labor and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage, that we move on to better things.” Better things only come by work, painful effort and wisdom and understanding. In Life of Pi by Yann Martel, Pi survived due to his wisdom from his childhood.

The amazing mind of the protagonist

If not for Pi’s speculative mind as a child growing up in Pondicherry zoo, Pi would not have survived his 227 days at sea. Pi survived 227 days with a 450 pound Bengal Tiger. No average human being can do that. When Pi was young his father showed him and his brother that an animal (most especially a tiger) is not a pet or something to play with. He made them watch as he gave a goat to the tiger. They saw the tiger viscously devour the goat and know that the tiger can do the same to anybody. This lesson did Pi well when he helped Richard Parker get aboard the lifeboat. He then realized how foolish it was to help the deadly animal get out of the water and spent his night on the side of the boat. Later on, he builds a raft to stay on from protection against Richard Parker.

Putting knowledge into practice

Whenever Awoleye 2 was near Richard Parker he always kept a good eye on him and that still kept him alive. He only had one more problem, he needed a safe and easy way to access the locker. He made use of his previous knowledge of animals so as to prevent Richard Parker from entering his territory. He urinated on his territory on the lifeboat, blew his orange whistle to catch Richard Parker’s attention, looked Richard Parker straight in the eye and made it clear to him that that was his side of the boat. This allowed Pi to freely get all the things he needs without any obstruction from Richard Parker.Pi wanted to establish that he was the one that controlled what was going on their so he decided to domesticate Richard Parker by using a whistle just like the way zookeepers did it in the Zoo. Moreover, his previous knowledge of zookeeping prevented him from being unengaged and from dying, because when looks after Richard Parker, it prevented him from doing nothing. Therefore Pi would not have come out of the sea successful without his experiences from the Pondicherry Zoo as a young boy.

Spiritual development Pi

If not for Pi’s religiosity as a child Pi would not have survived for 227 days on the sea. Pi was very religious as a teenager. There is no doubt that Pi would not cast his troubles on God during one of the greatest tribulations in his lifetime. Pi was also sensible and sound-minded as a teenager, he pulls back to everything in his life to help him survive. Just like in the 49th chapter of the book, he had been on the lifeboat for nearly half a week and he realized his need to quench his thirst.He goes through his situation based on what he remembers from Jesus Christ being crucified according to this; “Christ on the cross died of suffocation, but His only complaint was of thirst. If thirst can be so taxing that even God Awoleye 3 Incarnate complains about it, imagine the effect on a regular human.” (Martel 135). Him remembering about Jesus Christ the son of God helps him to think through about his situation, which urges him to look for water quickly, which prevents him from suffering from dehydration preventing him from dying. In chapter 53, Pi believes that it is a miracle that he had survived this far and believes he will continue his journey without dying. “Now I will turn miracle into routine.

Importance of the moment

The amazing will be seen every day. I will put in all the hard work necessary. Yes, so long as God is with me, I will not die.”(Martel 148).In the book he also puts together his belief in miracles with a powerful prayer that expresses his appreciation for being alive; his humility and his faith that he is not on the journey by himself. The feeling of him not being on the journey alone is a key contribution to survival, instead of him grieving about his situation or giving up. Moreover, in the 74th chapter, Pi goes more in-depth about his belief in God and how it helps him in his journey on the sea. According to the book, he practices different religious procedures daily from religions varying from Christianity to Islam to Hindu. He does it all just to get comfortable and also to remain close to God almighty in his time of difficulty.Therefore if not for Pi’s religiosity, it would be likely for Pi not to survive on the lifeboat for 227 days. If not for Pi’s father, Pi would not know how to act around Tigers and eventually could have ended up as one of Richard Parker's meals. According to Pi in the book Life of Pi, Mr. Santosh Patel owned and managed the Pondicherry zoo. He was married and had two sons (one of them being Pi). He taught his sons about the way animals act to other animals including humans. The most remarkable lesson he Awoleye 4 taught his sons, was when he took them near the cage of a Tiger and made them watch it devour a goat.


The lesson impacts Pi’s mother too who opposes the idea of taking the boys to watch it saying that they are too young to watch. Pi’s father did it for their own safety and it really did help Pi in the future. Pi’s father said that often humans think of animals as tiny harmless cute creatures, they are not Pi and his brother needed to know that so that they know where to keep their limits with animals. This priceless lesson helps Pi to know his limits with Richard Parker, to think through his master plan to kill Richard Parker without any disruption.Therefore, without Pi’s father’s help Pi may have not known how act around Richard Parker which could lead to his death and the end of the story. All that was stated above, proves that one of the reasons Pi survived on sea for 227 days was because of his from childhood. The beginning talks about Pi surviving because of his speculative mind as a child; the middle talks about him surviving due to his religiosity which has been a habit since his childhood and the end talks about himn surviving because of what he learnt as a child from his father.

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