Why I Want To Study History At University Essay

If someone had told me 4 years ago that I would be applying to do History at University I wouldn’t have believed them. History lessons used to be a chore for me, but the introduction of modern history widened my perspective and I began to appreciate the vast impact that events of the past have had on today’s world.

One of the main reasons for wanting to study History at University is the enjoyment I take from analyzing a progression of events over time and seeing how that impacts on future events. For example, in his book, ‘Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal’, William E. Leuchtenburg demonstrates that American policies today are still influenced by Roosevelt’s 1933 New Deal. Studying at degree level would be the perfect opportunity to widen my knowledge of other historical eras that my previous studies have not covered. I enjoy exploring the causes and consequences of significant events and how they link as I think it shapes the way in which I think about History. I am keen to further explore which events have made the most significant impact, given us life lessons and raised questions about how society has evolved.

History is a diverse subject and I love how studying stories of the past can lead to a variety of decision making and analytical skills. My interest in History has been enhanced by travel to Europe and America. I have visited America many times and this has triggered my curiosity about modern aspects of American history including the Prohibition, the Roaring 20s and learning about the 9/11 attacks when visiting ground zero in New York.

My specific area of interest is Nazi Germany. Although this was part of my GCSE curriculum, my fascination for the topic meant that I then continued with extra reading. The ‘Tattooist of Auschwitz’ by Heather Morris gave me an in depth insight into the real life experiences of a prisoner in the largest concentration camp. ‘The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich’, by William L. Shirer gave me an entirely different, more factual perspective. I am astonished that one man can change the course of History so drastically and that such events, unimaginable to us today, went on for so long, not so long ago.

When did the world realize the extent of damage done and the impact it had on our lives today? I have taken part in academic activities to widen my knowledge of History. Taster lectures at Royal Holloway, Birmingham and Nottingham have given me an idea of what studying History at University is like as well as furthering my knowledge on new topics. The Tudor lecture at Royal Holloway enhanced my A Level studies and gave me insight into the profiles of the significant monarchs. These lectures have made me excited to continue learning about different eras and understanding how they all connect. Entering a Russian Revolution essay in the Julia Wood History Essay competition broadened my horizons and allowed me to push myself.

In my part time job as an After School Care Assistant I look after children aged 4-11. The job is one that requires patience, loyalty, responsibility and reliability. I have learnt to communicate with colleagues and children effectively helping me gain confidence and leadership skills. I have been a member of Abbey Netball Club and the school netball A team from age 11 and am now in the 1st Team. This has required commitment, teamwork and determination. As Captain, I gained leadership skills as well as organizational, time keeping and decision making abilities. I intend to continue my love of netball at University. My participation in the Sports Leadership program and Geography Club have enhanced these skills. I have taken on the role of House Leader organizing sports day, house choir and house drama. I am part of the costume design team for school productions. This involves making alterations and sewing costumes and working under pressure – a role I thoroughly enjoy.

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