Why i want to study accounting Essay

Next year I would like to study BA Accounting and Finance. I chose this course because I think it will be a good opportunity to develop my skills. My goal is to be an accountant, which makes joining this programme my logical next step. Since I was little, I enjoyed saving and administering the money my parents gave. Mathematics and business classes interested me. These are the promising ingredients of an aspiring accountant. Someone who would make headway in this profession needs a facility for numbers, analytical agility, a sense of logic, and statistical skill; needs a penchant for meticulous administration and organisational precision. This is a solid career path towards the C-suit of a FTSE 100 company; become a chartered accountant at a Big 4 firm and you might end up as CEO of Argos or Tesco or some other household name company. The child who wonders how to end up as boss of one the shops she sees on the high street need look no further than a course of study on audit and double-entry bookkeeping and other staple fare of the accounting student's diet. The Tesco overstatement of profit scandal in 2014 shows what happens when accounting goes wrong. Every company, large or small, needs to balance its books, manage its payroll, and pay its taxes - tasks often best left to accountants and easily bungled by amateurs. A good accountant ought not to lack well-paid work: her services are in demand. Having come to a country, without knowing its language, to do GCSEs, which require good English, I did not meet this requirement and needed to make more effort to pass my exams. My business and finance BTEC helped me understand more of the commerce and accountancy environment. Maybe that will bear fruit on this course and perhaps as a metropolitan student I will be able to look back and see how I could have gone about things differently and better as Burns, 2016 claimed “without reflection there is no learning – it is as simple as that. My career future is uncertain but perhaps this university careers service, industry links, and alumni networks can shed some light on where exactly in the labour market my particular talents and temperament would go furthest. My recent work as a crew trainer at McDonald's involved responsibility for teaching staff their daily work serving customers, preparing food, keeping the restaurant and kitchen clean and tidy, and working well as part of a team. One must assess crew members' skills and offer them extra help with any tasks they find difficult. I became a better communicator, expressed my opinion confidently, improved my English, and matured in problem-solving, planning, and organisation. I was also a sales assistant at Shoe Zone, commercial experience which may pay dividends on a business-focused programme. This was humble work but time at the sharp end of the workplace is valuable. The UK is a good pace to study because this country welcomes foreign students, abounds with job opportunities, excels in tertiary education, and contributes colossally to financial services. It makes sound sense to study finance in the country that leads the world in that discipline. Conclusion As with the essay conclusion, this is where you draw the whole presentation together. Re-visit your main arguments, re-emphasise your main points - and use all thee words from the question to prove that you have answered the whole question. In order to get with this conclusion, I had to think about the offers of others courses which attracted my attention, courses such as Business management. It requires similar skills as data analysis, budgeting or Microsoft office which I consider I master it. In contrast, customer service is not made for me. According to Burning Glass analysis, 98% of the accountant with a degree find jobs after getting this qualification and only 91% of the managers are employed. Great competition is one a main factor in term of finding job, there are many business managers who have not managed to find a job yet due to this condition. Economics was a subject that as well catch my attention. However",

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