Why I Want To Get A Scholarship Essay

First of all, I would like convey my sincere gratitude to the scholarship committee for the opportunity in furnishing my reasons to apply for Karen Napier scholarship. In my view this esteemed scholarship is not only a financial assistance but also a very important contributing factor for those who are immensely passionate in making their marks in real life investment practices with a strong desire to succeed but currently disenfranchised. This generous scholarship in memory of Karen, a graduate of the MSc in Investment Analysis would make a huge difference in my future entrepreneurial pursuits in investment management in Asian market particularly in India.

I hail from a small village in India near the City of Joy. Coming from a lower middle class family, achieving good things in life always involved tremendous struggle, hard work and many challenges that I have faced which in return taught me the value of hard work. My working life started by taking responsibilities of a small family garment business and then taking the business to a significant progression. Nevertheless, I realised that being stagnant in a village and running a family business is not something that I wanted to do forever in my life. I understood the importance of education. I successfully graduated from Calcutta University and decided to pursue a master’s degree in UK despite of feeble encouragement from the family as well as financial hardship that I knew I have to face in my career pursuit. I worked rigorously for some years, saved money, took a bank loan and finally came to UK and earned my master’s degree.

My interest in investment study grew during my stay in London. I met some senior investment professionals and became highly interested in investment analysis. Most importantly I was immensely motivated by two great investment gurus, Warren Buffet and Benjamin Graham. Benjamin Graham’s two books ‘Security Analysis’ and ‘Intelligent Investor’ changed my whole outlook. I realised that I am extremely passionate about investment analysis compared to HR that I studied in MA degree. After researching on many universities I found the MSc degree in Investment Analysis at the University of Stirling satisfies all my requirements and most importantly it covers 70% of CFA curriculum which is a definite plus.

My current financial condition after incurring all the expenses for previous master’s degree such as tuition fees, food, accommodation and paying back some of the bank loan does not allow me to pursue this wonderful course at your university even though I am very keen to pursue it. Karen Napier scholarship will truly make a huge difference in my life and contribute significantly in my future business initiatives. At this juncture of my life I exactly know what I am going to do in five years and I am working towards it step by step.

2012-2013:- Knowledge is power. I want to dedicate myself for the entire duration of my proposed course at the University of Stirling and gain comprehensive knowledge which will eventually be a life time investment for my future business success.

2013-2016:- India is an emerging market with potential to exceptional growth and business opportunities. I believe this is a right time to be prepared for this opportunity. An MSc in investment analysis from University of Stirling would add tremendous value in taking my career to the next level. I wish to go back and work for a particular investment company till 2016 and learn real life business practices. My plan also includes a CFA charter designation by 2016. A master’s degree in investment analysis from University of Stirling, a CFA charter designation and work experience will certainly help me in attracting many clients, businesses and establish my reputation in the investment world.

2017:- By 2017 Q2, I would like to set up an investment company and assist HNI and other clients with the best of my knowledge and expertise. I intend to flourish my business, create jobs and help my community as well as the country to economic success. On the other hand I would also like to contribute as alumni of University of Stirling in whatever way I can. The consideration of Karen Napier Scholarship committee definitely means a lot to me.

Once again, I would like to convey my sincere gratitude to the scholarship committee for the opportunity given to intimate my reasons, motivation and passion to pursue an MSc in Investment Analysis at the University of Stirling.

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