Why I want to be a pharmacist Essay

I have constantly wished to work in health care for as long as i will keep in mind. Since I happened to be a child, it provided me with such great joy to aid an individual who needed my assistance and I also have proceeded to have the same manner to date.

Before considering this course, I worked as a medical assistant.

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This type of work provided me with immense satisfaction because i really could care for individuals. However, we expanded keen on my patients also it became therefore devastating whenever many of them died. At this time, I realized that my compassionate character could not cope with such close experience of clients. We required a line of work that permitted me to care for the ill but at exactly the same time, keep some distance from their store. My answer could only be found in pharmacy.

I have done some volunteer work with this line and even though I have not been paid for my efforts, my expertise in this type of work has prepared me personally to manage the intricacies regarding the occupation. Through pharmacy, i will get a chance to do some community work particularly for immunization processes alongside procedures that involve offering service on community.

We additionally believe that pharmacy is a gratifying profession. It's one of the more trusted professions in the united kingdom. In fact, research shows that pharmacists will be the 2nd most trusted professionals in health care. Through pharmacy, I will be exposed to other equally essential health care providers.

Which means I'm able to then cooperate with these experts to boost the general heath of my community. For instance, pharmacy would allow me to provide advice to health practitioners who may choose to learn details about a certain disease.

On top of that, I will also b working together with other parts of the health care occupation particularly radiography, bio-lab technology among others. These interactions will build my character as a true career and I also will usually get a chance to learn and grow.

A career in pharmacy is highly versatile. In contrast to other vocations like neo-surgery, in pharmacy, i'll often be in control of my working experience ergo making time for a social life. This level of freedom also can let me pursue further studies or other work related projects during my free time.

Pharmacy the most demanding careers in the health sector. That is especially because it is a mix of different disciplines. As an example, knowledge in industrials chemistry is important to understand the chemical compositions of drugs. Also, i'll require some knowledge in bio chemistry to understand the way the human body works.

The body and physiology is likewise crucial. Internalizing these procedures requires outstanding amount of commitment, time and effort and passion that I have actually in abundance. My passions and talents are compatible with this profession. This would be the reasons hwy I feel pharmacy may be the job for me personally.


Any profession should be consistent with one’s personality. In my opinion that my interests, experiences, talents and character offer me with an original benefit inside line of work. In addition, pharmacy is satisfying, rich and challenging at exactly the same time.

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