Why I Choose Accounting And Finance As My Degree Essay

Money is power. Those capable of understanding the power of money and monetary enforcements/the way banking systems function are those who capable of understanding our future society and the way government decisions are made. I aspire to be like one of these people. The fundamental factor of finance is money. Money is unquestionably the most desirable and powerful material in the world. It has the ability to control almost everyone, except those mindful enough to not yearn it.

To broaden my knowledge of finance I am a religious reader of the financial times and the economist. The A-Level subjects that I am currently studying have given me an insight into what I will be studying in University. For example, my passion for finance mainly stemmed when studying the finance unit In Business studies. Business studies has helped provide an understanding of the everyday financial problems faced by businesses and the solutions used to override these issues to succeed in their business it has also helped me understand how businesses utilize their money. Psychology has helped me with my analytical and writing skills. Also, it when help in the future when becoming an accountant as I will be able to manage the client’s emotions as well as their finance and money. Approaches such as the cognitive approach is a common approach used by accountants so that they can understand client’s motives and so that they can communicate and built a solid professional relationship with the client for them to succeed in their motive.

Lastly, Economics has given me a clear understanding into the function of money (flow of income) and has given me an insight into how business need to adapt to economic and financial factors to maximize their profits. How businesses aim to maximize their profits and how they utilize their money. My previous part time job as an event staff helped me to understand the demands and perception of what it means to work. Due to my job I feel like I am an able employee and due to what the job criteria entitled I have built and progressed on many skills such as my communication skills and interpersonal abilities. I was able to communicate well with my colleagues, my employer, the customers and now I am able to communicate and hold conversations well with others. During my job I also often had to work alone so therefore, I have learned to use my initiative and gained many independent skills which are important to have when working in a financial industry.

Since a very young age, I have always had a passion for cooking. Cooking is a way for me to be able to express myself and experimenting which I like to do to show that progression is possible.

Another hobby of mine is reading. Reading helped me to engage with characters and broaden my imagination and most importantly it has helped me with my writing skills. One of my successes that I am proud of is having my poem published in a poetry book from a young age. Knowing I had accomplished this at a young age made me feel powerful and that I was able to pursue anything if I put my mind to it. hence the reason why I have decided to choose accounting and finance as my degree as the power of money always interested me.

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