Why I Am Fascinated By Mathematics Essay

Mathematics. Eleven letters that makes up a word that is vital not just to human beings but also in our surroundings. Everything is made up of mathematics. Our world revolves and develops, together with mathematics. A lot of people seem to hate mathematics because of the problems it gives, formulas it provides, and the confusions it causes. But for some people, it is beautiful. Mathematics does not only give answers to our questions but also helps us build things. Everything has mathematics in it. May it be a flower, a house, a building, a tree, etc. Everything starts with it. Ever since we were young, we were taught how to count. We even used our fingers to count from one to ten, and even up to twenty when the fingers of our feet were counted. We were also taught how to read the clock, and were always asked what time it was by our teachers.

One of the most fun things I found fun when I started going to school were shapes. Different shapes that makes up different things. Learning the different shapes were fun because we were constantly asked how many sides were on the shapes, and by counting the sides, it also helped me know about the words they were equivalent to. Three sides make up a ‘triangle’, four sides make up a ‘square’, five sides make up a ‘pentagon’, so on and so forth. As years went by, as my level in school went higher and higher, mathematics kept developing in my world also. I always thought mathematics would be easy but I was wrong. It was very hard. It still is hard. Terminologies were learned, different types of mathematics were learned and applied as well. Even though it is hard, having the correct answers in the end are always satisfying. It boosts up my confidence and helps me develop my skills in understanding and I think it is beautiful. The beauty of mathematics can be seen in my experience. It might be hard to have the right answer but it helps me become skilled in it and helps me to develop as a student. Understanding and having mathematics also helps me have various ideas and ways to solve things. If I do not know the answer, I would always try to know how to get the right answer.

My patience is also being developed together with my skill when it comes to solving. I also attended various MTAP classes every Saturdays before. I was even able to form friendships because of the classes I attended and it also shows the beauty of mathematics. I was able to have friends while attending them. Artworks are made of mathematics. Mr. Leonardo da Vinci was able to have such beautiful artworks using mathematics. How he drew and painted each and every detail his artworks were made of. He did not just paint them as easy as I thought he did, but he dedicated such time and effort to mathematics just to make such beautiful artworks that seems so perfect. Well, they are mathematically perfect by having the golden ratio. Mr. Peter Forakis was also one of the artists who used mathematics in their artwork. He was able to sculpt and was the pioneer of geometric forms when it comes to sculpting. Knowing this information was very shocking to me. I did not really know the background of how artworks were made. It gives the reason why the artworks look perfect to our eyes.

Mathematics is also involved in our faces and body. Once Golden Ratio exists in your face, you are considered beautiful. People often thought beauty exists because of the appearance of someone, their color, how beautiful their face is, but mathematically speaking, a face wherein golden ratio exists is the real definition of beauty because it shows how your face has equal proportions. I think it also shows the beauty of mathematics. It does not only exist in our surroundings but also in our faces. Mathematics improves the way we think. It helps our thinking because in order for us to find the answers to the questions it provides, we drive ourselves to think of a lot of ways to solve the problems. It also helps our thinking to be quick because the more we try to solve problems, our thinking keeps on getting deeper and deeper and we are faced with different choices, only to determine which the right answer is. Mathematics also helps us explain things. Numbers are always involved in everything. Even when the weather forecasters or meteorologists determine the weather, they also use mathematics. They also provide signal numbers to each and every parts of the country by knowing how fast or slow a typhoon moves.

Mathematics also has to do with determining the magnitude of an earthquake. They have different tools that are made up of mathematics that they use to know how destructive and strong an earthquake is and if the earthquake is going to cause more aftershocks. You see, mathematics really is involved in our everyday living. And with its involvement, beauty can be seen from it. It helps us with the problems we are facing. We determine incoming catastrophes, our bodies, school, time, even for the astronomers outside our world. Astronomers calculate the distance between earth and other planets, the existence of the stars, how long the universe has been existing since the very start of life, the existence of new planets and they try to find an Earth-like planet for us to live in in the future. They use mathematics to determine the answers for their questions in relation to the universe. But how are we going to make other people who hate mathematics see the beauty of mathematics?

The answer is that we try to raise awareness about the beauty of it. How Earth revolves around the orbit together with mathematics developing each and every day. A single person can make a difference to mathematics and be a part of the development of it by contributing new ideas and concepts. The beauty that mathematics create are too countless. We live in a world full of mathematics so we might as well appreciate its beauty.

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