Why Didn't My Dreams Come True Essay

Some adults like to shut down teenagers’ dreams, especially Asian parents when it comes to performing arts, because they are afraid. They are afraid of instability and failure. They want to take a path where stability is ensured but happiness is not there. They do not want to take risks or maybe they were taught to think that way, maybe their dreams were shut down too. But some adults support dreamers because maybe they went through the same thing themselves.

My parents, they constantly shut me and my dreams down and force me to go into their path way and their vision. I understand that they left their home country to make a life for me, they left their dreams to let me dream. But my dreams did not fit what they were intending for me. They wanted me to work in a hospital as a doctor or a surgeon or be in court arguing away as a lawyer, but they are so against me taking part of the performing arts program at school because they want me to focus on the regular subjects like math and English so I can get into a good college and make a future for myself and live comfortably with lots of money. But that is not what I want to be. Because of the circumstances that they were in, they had to leave their home country and move to America for the sake of my future and they hope that we can live comfortably and be able to spend money without having to worry about how much they had to work for it. Maybe because they don’t want me to have to worry like they do so that is why they push me so hard to make sure that I become successful. They are afraid of me going through the same thing that they did and do not want me to hurt myself over this.

“Dad, will you get mad at me for being a dancer?” I asked.

“Choose a job that will be needed when the sky is falling down.” My dad says.

“Uh what.” I questioned.

“Are people going to need nurses when the sky is falling down?” He asked and I stayed silent. I didn’t quite understand then but after giving it some thought for a while I realized that he meant that choose a job where you’re always going to be needed no matter what. He wanted a job with security and stability. He wanted something that was not easy to lose.

An adult that made a positive impact on my life and supported my hopes and dreams is not really an adult, but a friend that is a junior. She dropped out of high school to pursue her career in the performing arts. Last summer she went to Vietnam to film a music video and and learn more about acting. She documented all of her adventures there and I was so jealous but inspired because that is how I want to live my life. She was able to do this because her parents were once famous musicians in Vietnam and she was able to persuade them into letting her leave high school to study music. But it was not always easy. She still has to work hard in order to make a name for herself in the industry, but no matter how hard it is she still keeps on pushing. She helps me find ways to pursue my dreams and talks to me when times are hard or when my parents would not stop yelling at me for being in the performing arts. She would comfort me and tell me that everything is going to get better and that I am going to make it as a dancer and that my parents will eventually give in and support me for what I love and am pursuing. She is one the people that truly believe in me and supports me. She supports me and believes in me because she believes that people should do what they love and what makes them happy because everyone was born with role in society. Some people have a passion and love for mathematics, some have a passion for architecture, and some have a passion for performing arts. If we just let people pursue what makes them happy and what they are interested in, they will do the the job better than those who were forced to do the same jobs as the people with passions. If we all follow one career, there will no longer be people doing other jobs and the world will be in need of other people in different jobs. If you love what you do, you will not feeling like going to work is working at all because you enjoy every part of your day. And she tells me things that everyone should hear once, if not, everyday in their life. To me, she is like a guide for life.

“Holly are you feeling okay today?” she messaged me at 9:48 pm.

“No, my parents have been nagging all day and I really want to leave.” I replied. I was going through a miserable day and her checking up on me already made me feel so much better.

“Do you want to go for a ride around the beach? We can get some ice cream. Or do you wanna just sit?” She offers me. I honestly needed to leave the house really bad because I was about to break down into tears.

“Please come. I am so tired and I wanna leave please” I replied. 8 minutes later she calls me to come out. She takes me on a drive around the beach and asks me how I feel. I told her that I was miserable and I am so tired. She reassures me that everything was going to be okay and that she is always there for me if I needed anyone to talk to, she is there. I told her that I know and that I am so grateful to have a person like her in my life. I honestly don’t know how I would be without her. Without her, I might not even be here because she helps me through so much and without her, I would’ve probably gave up on my dreams and followed everyone else. What makes her so different than everyone else is that she believes. Unlike her, everyone around her lost the sense of faith and belief in themselves so they settle for something mediocre for their life. But her, she strives to be the best that she can be and puts her whole heart into everything that she does.

This generation can become more optimistic about their future by finding themselves and guide and finding the strength within themselves. They should believe in everything that they do and they should constantly keep reminding themselves that they are greater than they think that they are and that they can do anything as long as they work hard for it. They should also believe that if they truly want something, they can do anything to get it, no matter how difficult. They should also know that they path that they want to walk will be difficult, but they need to remember to keep pushing and that once they get there, the journey still has not ended and that they can strive to be greater and to never stop working as hard as they can, but never forget to stop and breathe and be thankful for everything that they have and help others around them that are in need.

As adults, they should learn how to be more open minded towards the younger generations and support them as their guardians and parents. If the teens have the right motivation, support and guidance, then they can do anything in life. Being a legend starts with a passion within, but they also need help along the way. Though you have worked hard for for the younger generation, you must understand that they have their own life also and that we should let them be free and become who they truly are. If we keep restricting them to a standard, they can not release their full potential and they will never get the chance to find out who they truly are and who they can become. If there were people who believed in us more, we could do incredible things and defy the odds.

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