Why a class community is important Essay

Rough draft- Why a class community is important What allows a community to be beneficiary is exactly why many decide to join one. The positive influence being spread within a group of people makes life more stable. Building a community requires an unwritten contract between the individual and community. The individual is accountable for great morals and values; meanwhile, the community must provide support and hopefulness. This bond allows a deeper understanding on how a community is built. In order to solidify a community as successful; the environment must consist of individuals who equally share support, interest, and ambitions. Providing an individual with your support and attention will uplift them in life. One of the biggest reasons someone considers joining a community is because of support. The feeling of sympathy is like none other when you're in need of guidance. Sympathy brings a lack of judgment to any conversation; It allows you to talk freely and honestly. Sharing your struggles can be difficult; however, it can open a gateway to being hopeful in the future. For instance, in the Donovan reading, many of the students shared their struggles. Donovan mentions how “One student spoke openly about their struggle with addiction and overcoming this to return to school. Another opened up about rebounding from a secual assault in their past. Yet another told us about the emotional cost of immigrating to the US and being seperated from parents for many years. Others shared stories of being bullied and having to fight their whole life ” (Donovan, “On Building a Community in the classroom” para.3). Hearing students share their stories opened up a deeper emotional connection. The feeling of empathy pushed many of the students to be confident enough to share their struggles. This is exactly why support is a key component in a community. Support motivates you, and helps you understand that there’s hope in the future. If you get support from like-minded individuals, who also share your goals and interest; life will be a great journey. Sharing the same interest allows me to work harder to achieve my goals and aspirations. Interest, is a very important component to a communities success. Each one of us have common interest that we all share. This may include things we enjoy or distance ourselves from. After reading “The Importance of Community”, by Harper Spero; I learned a lot about the importance of sharing interest with others. Especially when Harper mentions how “It is important to feel a commonality between yourself and other members of your community” (from huffpost.com). I strongly agree with this statement. The reason being that a lot of times when we share the same goals and interest as someone else; then we will also share the same struggle. This can be a good thing because it builds long lasting relationships. It allows us to talk freely and develop a stronger connection. The conversation will be good because there is a lack of judgment. A perfect example of this includes my friends from Arizona. I grew up with great friends who all shared one goal. The goal was to become successful. Although, as time passed, many of us moved away. Life took us on a different journey than we expected. A few of my friends got married; some struggled with demons, others left the country. We communicated only when our time schedule wasn't as busy. Nonetheless, the goal we shared stilled allowed us to remain close. I believe we all eventually found our success. Our great memories will be remembered because of the shared interest. We developed this great mindset. This sense of will and ambition. If you're a goal-oriented individual, then you must surround yourself with ambitious people. To build a community in a college class you need ambition. Ambition is a strong mindset; which focuses on strategy and planning. Ambition is a mindset focusing on the future possibilities. I must surround myself with ambitious people. Their hard work and planning is motivating. It's inspiring to see people with a strong mindset. On “The Importance of Community",” Harper acknowledges “I was seeking a group of women who would support, motivate, push and drive me in the direction of making my career as successful, inspiring and motivating as possible. And of course, I wanted them to feel the same about me and other members of the group. I wanted to know I could reach out to them with a business idea and not feel stupid about it if it wasn’t the best” (from huffpost.com). She felt comfortable sharing her ideas with friends. The group of friends she had were also ambitious. This made Harper excited, even convincing her to work extra harder. The people you surround yourself with is very important. It can influence the way you think and behave. Harper is grateful to have friends who share her ambition. It allows her to be comfortably vulnerable. We all can benefit being around positive people. Not all peer-pressure can be a bad thing. For instance, your friends can provide good peer-pressure. Making you step your game up and evolve. Life is centered around having ambitions and aiming for the best. Life is about the highest; I don't understand why anyone would settle for anything less. Ambition is the heart of a community. It’s the foundation to evolving and wanting to succeed. It's all about having a positive mindset. This can spread and make everyone around you better. Ambition can be a form of discipline; which allows you to think long-term.

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