Who is amanda elise lee? Here are 5 interesting facts you need to know Essay

You can only gain massive followers and become a social media megastar when you, among other things, are a head-bent an influencer. That is social media users come to you for knowledge and inspiration on a particular subject. Amanda Elise Lee is one media personality who has gained so much wealth and fame for her role as a fitness model.

Like many media personalities who are now stars, Amanda Lee did not gain her popularity simply by spending hours on different platforms. Instead, she utilised her voluptuous curves and flawless figure to inspire millions of women who seek specialists' guidelines on how to live fit and healthy. Today, she is one of the sought-for certified fitness trainers we have in the fashion industry. Let's get to know more about her.

Who is Amanda Elise Lee?

Best known for her 'It's about being better than you used to be' fitness ideology, Amanda Elise Lee is a Canadian fitness/swimsuit model, Pilates instructor, personal trainer and media star with over 12 million followers on Instagram. Amanda was born on December 13, 1986, as the second child among five children born to her parents in the city of Canada. The young beauty is Canadian as per her nationality and her ethnicity is White. She is also known as a brand ambassador for several fitness companies.

Here are 5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Amanda Elise Lee

She took after her mother as a fitness love

Amanda's career as a fitness model practically started off while in her bid to build on her 'thin' body which has made her build low confidence in herself. She only began to inspire her fans on Instagram after achieving success in training her body to standout amongst young ladies in her school. Obviously, her passion for fitness did not come by sudden. Her mother whose name is Olinda Fields, is a passionate fitness instructor and personal trainer which could be the reason why Amanda was able to pick up the career at a very young age. Even though she was more interested in Modern Dance while in high school and college, Amanda received different body training while at the University after which she graduated with a degree in Personal Physical Training and a Pilates Instructor. Amanda gives credits to her mother who inspired her to pay attention on her health and body which now has turned her into a highly sought fitness instructor. Among other fitness activities, Amanda loves heavyweights because her goal is to get stronger and build on her thighs.

2. Her Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Amanda Elise Lee may have had a number of followers on Instagram when she officially started posting pictures of herself. But her rise to become a renown media personality started after her picture post was tagged by a famous dancer who described her as one with an inspiring body. After receiving hundreds of thousands of followers in her Instagram page, the beautiful model decided to use the platform as a medium to teach people on how to become fit and maintain a well-nourished body. While doing this, she received payment for each of her posts. In addition to gaining a recommendation from a famous dancer, the fitness star also believes that her rise to stardom follows her rigorous workouts on her lower body, particularly her glutes which she posts on her page.

3. Her net Worth

Amanda equally earns a lot from her massively followed Instagram page. She began earning from adverts and sponsors after reaching a 100K number of followers. Today, with over 12 million followers, her earnings must have increased by some number of digits. Although the actual amount she earns from her social media platform is not yet known, some unconfirmed media reports estimated her net worth at $1 million, with an average salary of $42180.

Butt workout by Amanda Elise Lee-image source

In addition to her earning from Instagram, Amanda also earns from her ebooks and from a good number of her workout videos, 'AMANDA ELISE LEE Amazing Butt Workout",'' released on YouTube. She even partnered with brands like EHPlabs where she is a brand ambassador for its health and fitness supplements. Among her fleet of cars is a Bentley and a Range Rover.

4. Is Amanda Elise Lee Single or Dating?

For an individual as beautiful as Amanda Lee, it is only natural for people to show interest in her personal life. Her flawless body and impeccable beauty have attracted a good number of men to her but unlike her publicly-announced career, Amanda has maintained silence on topics about her personal life. However, she listed out the qualities she looks out for in a man she would love to have as a boyfriend or husband. "I like aggressive guys. If a guy isn't afraid to approach me and can make me laugh, I'm intrigued. Laughing together really connects me with a guy right away"," she said.

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5. Her Height, Weight, other measurements

Good looks and voluptuous figure is not only what Amanda Elise Lee has, but she also has an average nice height of 5 feet 9 inches. Her weight is 56 kg and her hourglass body has the waist, bra and hip size of 34-22-38 inches.

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