"White Dew" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

This film is the first time I looked for a long time, while still in elementary school, and then he struck me as a comedy. Of course, it's full of really funny moments that remain in the memory and always raise a smile, despite the fact that almost all replicas know by heart, but it seems to me, to call this film a comedy only mistake. The easy, entertaining way it raises very important issues: family relationships, love in its various forms: a spouse, parents, children, mother earth and life in general. Whereas previously, many do not understand, I watched this movie just to heartily laugh at funny situations and stunning dialogues, but now I can learn a lot for yourself. And it is not always an example of positive heroes, but the mistakes of others, of course, easier to learn than on its own, and it does not matter that these errors - plot the course. Cinema is so mental, vital that when viewing creates the feeling that you talk with a good and wise man who has much to teach, reprove, if necessary, and, of course, to cheer. Personally, I have every time after watching this film there is a strange feeling, like everything ends happily, but the final scene is a bright sadness. And it did not spoil the impression of the film. On the contrary, summarizing the events that made up the story, as well as all life - this is a fine, lyrical note, which gives the picture a special mood ... The sound, I would say, and this sound amazingly nice and clean, like birds or the lapping of the stream.
The film is so believable atmosphere of rural life, from landscapes and finishing household items, that at some point could not help feel sorry that you can not be on the other side of the screen: infuse the honey scent of the flowers, drink clean water from the well, just take a walk on the quiet m streets among old houses destined for demolition ... Actors superbly played their characters. That's my word, sometimes I just forget about the fact that these people do not actually live in the village
In fact, the entire film - a piggy bank worldly wisdom: 'Live like a man', 'Laugh - Do not Cry' 'I am your mother is not explained, not talked about love, and almost 50 years in perfect harmony "... By the way, about the last phrase, which at the time I felt quite controversial ... It is now many seem so, but it's worth remember how many times has a conversation about feelings, how much there is explanations, and should not be anything behind the words. Love - it's not a word, it is, I think, happy life lived
10 of 10.

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