"White Dew" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

And today, on the outskirts of the Belarusian regional center is a street with a poetic name White Dew. It is not known the origin of the name (in the movie revealed only one version), clearly only one thing - until recently only a few decades ago, this place was located the village. She was so old - he remembers even the Swedes time of the Northern War. In January 1706 they were sent through it to encircle near Grodno Russian army under the command of Alexey Menshikov. Only a miracle escaped while a favorite of Russian Emperor out of the ring, abandoning for faster retreat of all their cannon (about fifty) in Neman (two of them raised from the river in the 1970s gg., Flaunt in front of the local historical and archaeological museum). But let's leave history. Nothing is so relentlessly over human life as the time. The city gradually grew and spread, so the turn and reached up to the White Ros. District Devyatovka - until recently the fastest growing and promising in the city engulfed in the early eighties of the last century and the village. Many people have different attitudes to this event that is well shown in the film. The main idea of ​​the picture, in my opinion, the assessment of the life of the various generations. Well illustrates this contrast - the young and older generation
lives in the Belarusian village of old Fedor Khodas -. Honored and respected man, a veteran of three wars and labor. And he had three sons, the youngest - Vaska, unlucky joker and idler constantly chudit despite his thirty-five. And yet the fact that his wife loves another. Middle - Sasha, have long left home to work in the gold mines of the North. The eldest son - Andrew, a serious man, and lives like a well - in abundance, except that he does not have children. It seemed the perfect family, but each of them - their problems and troubles. All four of them - people are absolutely different warehouse and character, but they have something that unites - one family and relatives
White Dew White Dew -. It is not only the history Khodas family, not only the life of a village on the example of Grodno White Ros - is the story of the relationship between generations, their principles and values.
film looks easily and naturally, is quite suitable for a good time. For me, this film is particularly close, and not just because the shooting took place in his native town to me. Every house, every corner, flickering in the picture, familiar to me, and roads, as working at one of the neighborhood Devyatovka schools, almost every day I pass by these places. By the way, the field where the last time Fedor Khodas says goodbye to his cow, and still remains so.
9 out of 10

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