"White Dew" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I love this movie, do not watch it as often as the other popular Soviet films, but it is always reviewing with great pleasure. Good emotional film about ordinary people with their dreams and aspirations, love and friendship, and family problems, not only in general, about our real life, as if what he saw from the side. The film is good, lyrical. Very sincerely - with humor and songs - played with in general, is complex problems of the villagers intended for demolition. Very charming and lively characters, a great game of great actors, plenty of funny moments, but it's not a comedy in its purest form - the drama too short, I had some episodes of painful to watch
Stunning actors.. Fedosov Hodos, the main character of the film. A simple man, a veteran of three wars, living in the village for a long time widowed and very worried about their sons. And he has three of them. The eldest son ( Andrew ) no longer a young man, he was already well over 40 and have no children. He and his wife still busy landscaping his home and the children did not even think. The middle son ( Sasha ), went to work on Sakhalin, then farther and farther away, and for 15 years can not come home to his village. A younger son ( Vaska ), 35 years old, likes to play the harmonica and singing.
My favorite character in the film, is the youngest son, Vasily, brilliantly played by my favorite Russian and Soviet actor Nicholas Karachentsov . He is incomparable in all the films. It was his role, given that he is also singing himself. Especially love song 'broken off many branches, not a few mangled wood' in its execution. And the actress who played the wife of Basil, stunning Galina Polish, it is gorgeous. This rural women received. This actress is very nraitsya me.
another great actor Michael Kokshenov (the middle son Sasha). I also really like. And another neighbor, movie characters (Bear Kissel), Stanislav Sadalsky, is also a very good actor.
actor who plays the neighbor Timothy, unmatched Boris Novikov . Incredible talent actor in all films on top, and always brings a smile. Bravo!
And of course the main character of the film Fedosov grandfather, played by the brilliant Vsevolod Sanaev . Describe the talent of the actor, there are no words. I applaud standing! BRAVO!
The film is stunning, songs, music, story, all at the highest level. Required for family viewing.
P.S. 'Tell my that I'm fine. I'm in jail ' -! The words of Basil, called his brother
A masterpiece of Soviet cinema.. The film is at all times, deserves the highest praise of all. Super!
10 of 10

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