"White Dew" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

There are national cinema seems to be lackluster at first movies that do not entangled plot, expensive decorations and heart-breaking game of actors, and the general concept of the picture can be described in one sentence: "A day in the life ...". But they talk about eternal problems experienced by each generation with its own characteristics, but in general - the same way. And an extra "tinsel" when shooting these pictures only a distraction from the main idea. Besides, I love when about difficult things in simple terms. Such a promise is always concise, accurate and understandable.
film "White Dew" tells the story of family values. The fact that they are fundamental to a person's life, but at the same time fragile and volatile under the influence of time
film's protagonist -. Khodas veteran Fedor who has raised three sons and strongly cares about their future. In all, his father's opinion, is not quite accurate understanding of the family and of life in general, due to which they suffer.
eldest son Andrew used to always be guided by the mind, seeking to obtain material benefit from all possible. He and his family life counts, and the wife chooses to match. Middle son Alexander generally runs from the busy life and just earning money. The younger son of Basil - a cheerful and good-natured man, but it was too simple and frivolous. Unlike Andrew, he always feels the heart, but does not think his head.
symbolic that all family problems Khodas brothers come when "death" of the village, in which the protagonists live. It "dies", and its residents are moving to the city. In the process of relocation and change of lifestyle may falter and established over the years the value of family. Therefore grandfather Fedor, yet he is not dead, hurry to explain to your children, and not only them that without a family man lives badly. And native village for Fedor Khodas - it is something more than just a place to stay
-. And do not feel sorry for you
-? What, Uncle Fed? Village? Well yes it is their outlived
opposite Fedor -. His neighbor, Timothy. He was not particularly concerned about the fate of the village, and to a new life in the city he is ready. Timothy can adapt to the times in which he lives, and Fedor this approach a stranger, it is natural to stay and resist the circumstances
-. Oksel-moksel. Cow! Yes it to hand over the meat, up to five times longer get
-. Yes, I could not in the flesh, I realized
With grief in half, her father manages to reason with children?. At the end of the film Fedor Khodas refers to the sun with gratitude for practically lived a life of dignity and requesting a better life for their children. What else could you want
recommended for viewing for those looking for a "perfect love" years of commercials for 30-40, "Love, shu-shu, la-la?" - as if the grandfather has told Fedor, and those for one penthouse with sea views and cool cars is important to create a strong family and procreation.

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