"White Dew" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Analogues such movie in the West do not. There are, of course, something similar in plot scheme and the characters are very warm French, Italian, Polish films ... But all the same, they are different - mentality 'kinoslogom', the air filled. 'White Dew' - absolutely our own, sad-raseyskoy, touchingly nostalgic, sad, funny, life-saving, heart anxious and friendly, affectionate. This is what we have, what was in our parents and grandparents, that is in us and may remain in our children.
most famous film Igor Dobrolyubov, proved, it seems most of his guileless film. However, the film's theme Dobrolyubova - the simplest, he shot the children, friendship, family conflicts and life of ordinary Soviet citizen. After 'White grew up' also wants to shrug and shrug - nothing so special, 'it happens'. But it is precisely this 'everyday reality', in which 'nothing special' - the secret charm of this film and the ageless love for him audience. . It's about ordinary people and ordinary people who have learned to film themselves and their friends, neighbors and relatives
Somehow it happened - it's not clear - 'wine' in the text of a talented Dudarev or workshop directing Dobrolyubova, but 'White dew 'full of a true love. Love to children, for peace, for their country, for the woman to his brothers, to nature, to the village and just in life. It all seemed made of love and warmth! That's kind of continuous banality and watch it and revise several times - nice happily. This film - like bread. The bread is also not unusual, and in fact do not get bored! And if tepid, but fresh - oh, how it goes! After this film, I want to go to the country where a child was staying with his grandmother. Holds only one thing - to understand that things have changed, longing already come and do not come back to childhood
Of course, despite the simplicity of the drawings -. Funny, sad and stupid - sometimes Dobroliubov manages to reach philosophical generalizations. It's about all of our restless country, fled in scattered, patient, patriarchal and suffer from complexes, where there are only from the present and enduring - faith in his higher purpose (not for nothing that this monologue about the 'White Russia ") and love to their children. We can say it is a parable, which, like any parable - about two things - love and death. Despite the laughter, the expectation of the imminent end (and a desire to meet it with dignity) permeated all - dying village, expelled the city, dying old traditions, rooted in the past centuries-old way of life, forget the old legend, dies the family, and Fedosov waiting in the end the old man himself - and in the original script it at the end of the film it was dying, looking at the dawn lights up. And, oddly enough, a sense of the country's rapid demise permeated this film. He was shot during a deep Brezhnev stagnation (though Brezhnev had already died, but the old party bureaucrat carefully did not notice this fact), and in some way it conveys the atmosphere of impending disaster
And while disaster did not happen -. Walk flaw, antiquated grandfather Fedosov, bring his simple philosophy is, only she still alive Rus, the foolishness grandfather Timothy, without you, jesters - very hard, we will farewell his unfaithful wife Vasek, marry, because - and Th is time ! - Sanya, chase for lzhemechtoy Maruska, wait for his school love Vera, run headlong from himself Jelly Bear! Lie to yourself, we all want a pie in the sky! We all understand you! Heck, how do we understand you guys!
Rove heroes of this film restless on this earth. And so all is sad and melancholy that one can only laugh! Amuse even over death! Ineradicable in our people dance on the edge of the abyss in the hope that - whatever he - god, the Sun, the fate of the curve - take out
Dob, in my opinion, and did not understand what he begat. Filming simple everyday comedy about Shukshin blessed, and something that if eventually snapped, whether the actors have, but with all the warmth, kindness, toothless picture is something completely Chekhov, Gogol, a simple, but profound and very spiritual.
direct hit in the beautiful images of the actors Sanaeva, Karachentsova Novikova, Kokshenova and others in the vitality of these images had no doubts, and the actors in them can not see. In my opinion, and in the life of Sanaev he was so stoic - honest, confident and direct, and Novikov - the same joker ... Song Frenkel and Tanic, healed his own life, so it is a typical folk. Imperceptible direction Dobrolyubova amazing script and Dudarev - all Russia in one movie! In one simple, small, small-town movie that does not pull on a masterpiece of cinema, but it is very real to her love. Perhaps it's more expensive.
9 out of 10

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